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    Lighting Help for Newbies (:

    I’m gonna be getting a bearded dragon soon and I’m getting the tank all together i have a 40 gallon zoo med kit i know i need to get a tube light and my friend has been using one form Home Depot that is a grow light fixture with a ReptiSun 10.0 light in it. I was thinking about going down the...
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    Looking for dragon

    Hi I’m looking for a new baby dragon i took in a 2 year old dragon but he was so stressed and my work schedule was not helpful to him so i was able to find him a great home and he’s doing great but i would really like to get a baby dragon my friend said i just need to train them with my schedule...
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    Stressed Dragon

    Thank you and the guy told me the tank is 36 long 18 wide and 12 tall. I do wanna change is tank to a 55 gal asap and replace that cardboard box with a hammock and a hide
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    Stressed Dragon

    Thank you here is Apollo and his tank do you have any suggestions one what kind of bugs he might enjoy i don’t really wanna continue with the crickets
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    Stressed Dragon

    I recently adopted a four year old bearded dragon. I’ve had him for about four days and haven’t changed anything about his tank yet to help him adjust a little better but i have changed his food they were feeding a bag of this dry food that you spray. So I’ve been giving him collard greens...
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    Okay perfect i plan on changing a lot of things once he gets more use to me and being handled by me right now she is still very skittish around me
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    Do you recommend me putting another build in it to replace the Red Bulb and the tank is about 36 long and 18 wide. So should i have no light on during the night i wake up around 9 to 10 that’s when i normally turn his light on
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    Here are some
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    I got them posted the previous owners said they would give him crickets every two weeeks which didn’t seem very often i also think his tank is to small.
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    I’m sorry I’m trying to figure out how to post pictures lol and the food they gave me is like a dry food and i have to spray it i wanna switch him to a real food diet so I’ll prep him meals i really appreciate your help I’m very new at all of this lol
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