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    Bearded Dragon won’t poop

    I have not, would this help with his digestion?
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    Bearded Dragon won’t poop

    I’m honestly so baffled and considering taking my bearded dragon into the vet soon. He just turned 7 years old recently. For the past 3 months, hes always been constipated and having trouble pooping. He is now going for periods of 2-3 weeks without pooping at all! Yet, despite this, he is eating...
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    Bearded Dragon’s Femoral Pores Clogged

    Do I need to take my beardie to the vet? I’ve unclogged his pores a few times before just gently scrubbing with a toothbrush, but this time it’s pretty bad. I’ve spent the last 10 minutes with him in the bathtub trying to gently squeeze the pores with my fingers or a tweezer, nothing coming out...
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    Bearded Dragon Hates My New Apartment?

    Hello, so I just moved out from my moms into an apartment with my boyfriend for college. I took my beloved Beardie with me. Ever since he’s moved in like a month ago, he’s been acting really crazy! He started running around his tank for hours, knocking stuff over and glass surfing. He looks...
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    Stuck Shed?

    I have never dealt with stuck shed before. I’ve been giving my bearded dragon baths lately for atleast 20 mins and I’ve been gently trying to scrub the stuck shed with a toothbrush. However, nothing has worked, and I’m becoming very concerned. Here is a picture of what it looks like...
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    Proper Lighting; Bulb not warm enough

    That light seems like it may work, but the amount of lumens it possesses seems a bit low. Don't you need atleast 1000 or more lumens for a basking bulb? Or is that not the case?
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    Proper Lighting; Bulb not warm enough

    Hello, recently I bought this bulb ( for my bearded dragon and it sucked A LOT. It wasn't even reaching 90 degrees at some points in his tank. So now I need to...
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    New Basking Bulb

    I just got a new tank for my lizard (which I believe is 40 gallons). It's exactly 3 ft long, 18 inches wide, and 15 inches tall. I've been struggling to find the proper basking bulb for him. The one he has at the moment, which is 100w flukers basking bulb, is not even reaching 100 degrees. So...
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    Bearded Dragon Age?

    So you do think he's about 6 months? When I got him at the pet store, they never told me how old he was. Here's what his feeding schedule looks like: Sunday - Bok Choy Monday - Collard Greens Tuesday - Kale Wednesday - Acorn Squash Thursday - Turnip Greens Friday - Mustard Greens Saturday -...
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    Bearded Dragon Age?

    I've been keeping track of my beardie's growth rate since I first got him (around the 1st of March). According to the rate of his growth, I've been estimating that he was born about December 10th. That means he would be turning 6 months in 4 days. Does this sound accurate? Here is the growth...
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    Veggie/Greens Schedule

    My beardie is about 5 months old now and he's eating normally. However, I feel bad because I have to feed him frozen veggies, which probably doesn't taste as good. So would be okay if I feed him the same vegetable for one week straight? That way I can afford to buy fresh veggies/greens for him...
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    Is Tape Safe To Use?

    Ok, thanks for the reply! Just to clarify, the heat won't melt the tape and permit and toxic fumes either, correct?
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    Is Tape Safe To Use?

    Hello, I know this might seem like a silly question, but is tape safe to use inside of my beardies tank? I just bought a new humidity/temperature thing and I wanted to stick it on the glass inside the tank with concord clear tape. It would be out of reach from my bearded dragon so he doesn't get...
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    Zoo Med Lighting Fixture

    Hi again, So after getting the T8 reptisun 10.0 uvb, I figured out that I needed to get a fixture for it. After lots of research, I came across this Zoo Med fixture for a sweet price...
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    How much is an 80-20 ratio?

    Really? That's weird, because my juvenile loves his veggies more than his insects. He'd eat an entire truckload of em if I didn't stop him, lol.
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    How much is an 80-20 ratio?

    I've heard from everyone that you should feed non-adult beardies 80 percent insects and 20 percent veggies, but how much exactly is that? For example, for every 20 reptiworms, should you feed your bearded dragon one small leaf/slice? I'm just confused by that whole thing I guess...
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    Beardie is Gonna Eat Me Out Of a Home...

    As the title above says, my juvenile beardie eats A LOT everyday. On average, he eats 20-30 reptiworms every meal time. He'd probably eat an entire basket of greens and vegetables if I didn't stop him too. Anyways, that's about 40-60 worms a day. That means I'd have to buy about 50$ worth of...
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    Lighting Help

    What is a fixture and refletor? I didn't know I needed those things... I was just gonna stick it on to the tank with glue or something and keep it about 4 inches away from the basking area.
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    Lighting Help

    Hi Tracie, thanks for the reply! I planned on mounting it underneath the screen, but should I mount in on top of the screen instead?
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