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  1. Taterbug

    Bring Bearded Dragons to your D&D Game!

    Hi fellow beardie lovers! Its been a while since I've been around these parts, life has taken some twists and turns these last few years! (The forum looks great by the way!) One of those twists is getting into modeling and producing my own miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons (or other games, or...
  2. Taterbug's Legacy Uploads

    Taterbug's Legacy Uploads

  3. Taterbug

    Zen Habitats 4x2x4 or 4x2x2?

    Pepper has fallen a few times, sometimes on purpose too, never suffered an injury for it though. Still, its an understandable concern. I try to keep the branches dence enough he won't plummet to the ground, and don't use a hard substrate either.
  4. Taterbug

    Zen Habitats 4x2x4 or 4x2x2?

    not sure if that was to me? I have 3, only 2 on at the moment since its hot in the house. They each have their own switch/dimmer. I have levels that are setup b the branches. This photo is old, i try to change things up from time to time but is a good illustration of how the setup works. I...
  5. Taterbug

    Zen Habitats 4x2x4 or 4x2x2?

    If your willing to invest in furnishings and equipment then 4x2x4 is fine. I have had pepper in one for several years now and aside from needing large branches for him, and needing alot more lights, he uses just about all of it. For reference I have 3 basking lamps, a T5 Arcadia 14% for UVB and...
  6. Taterbug

    Body Condition

    Helen Cairo does some great work making educational materials from real specimens. She does illustrative dissections to teach about pathologies, and often works on alot of reptiles. A great resource for learning some of their unique physiology. This post in particular seemed like it might be...
  7. Taterbug

    Beardie Burritos vs Bonding Pouches

    Rats are highly social animals and snuggling is part of their social activities. Beardies... not so much. Personally I dont restraint is a great way to bond with them, especially a wiggler. Its more like when you wrap up a cat or bird for vet checks to be done safely. If your dragon seems ok...
  8. Taterbug

    Are we overexposing our dragons to UV?

    Personally, I'm much more wary of supplements than I am of lights. I might be misguided on that though.
  9. Taterbug

    Are we overexposing our dragons to UV?

    I'll be the first to admit my biochemistry understanding is fuzzy at best. Hah. Out of curiosity; your quote from Fran... How does the spectrum of Arcadia/reptisun bulbs compare in those photobiology active wavelengths. She mentions "when the spectrum is different" and "some bulbs". Are...
  10. Taterbug

    Are we overexposing our dragons to UV?

    We do have to make some judgement to choose to err on the side or too much or too little. My research has led me to choose the too much side, and to mitigate that risk with environmental enrichment as best as I can. It's definitely not the only way and I wouldn't even say it's "the right way"...
  11. Taterbug

    Are we overexposing our dragons to UV?

    I think new information and old information/"best practices" get conflated alot, it's unfortunate. People want to help and maybe don't quite understand the details so well. So the telephone game gets played and there ends up some questionable advice going around. I have to disagree on the...
  12. Taterbug

    Are we overexposing our dragons to UV?

    It's gunna be a long time.comming to get the data and studies, unfortunately. In the mean time I think we can make improvments and sort of side step the nuances of blood-data and such if husbandry becomes a more holistic discussion. With dragons, there is a lot of focus on UVB. This makes sense...
  13. Taterbug

    Tank heating

    Fumes from melting PVC are nasty business. You don’t want have your heat sources close enough to the enclosure, regardless of material, to warm it up that much. Fire hazard and all.
  14. Taterbug

    Red spots, don't think they are mites

    Not mites ... Is it possible they are stains? Berries will.sometumes leave stains, but maybe marker depending on his previous situation?
  15. Taterbug

    Options for outdoor enclosure (not permanent home)

    Will you be in attendance of him at all times? The mesh cages would probably not stand up to preditors such as cats but otherwise seem fine. Might need to be weighted or staked down to avoid an airbirn lizard situation. I like the rabbit hutch. Depending on where you live be mindful of...
  16. Taterbug

    Extra lighting?

    If you haven't chosen yet, go with the T5 multi socket lamp in the 6500k bulb. LED are not quite ready for prime time and can have a poor color to them for dragons, even if they look white to us. Some LEDs have a good spectrum,zip but I wouldn't trust zoomed to use expensive LEDs...
  17. Taterbug

    help with finding a under the cabinet light fixture

    Great choice on bulb, unfortunately the lighting advice is old on this site and the Walmart fixtures dont work with the best lights. You get what you pay for sort of thing. Sunblaster fixtures are excellent (i have several) and are bettwen 20 and 40$ on Amazon. Worth the price, but...
  18. Taterbug

    Thoughts on Argentine Tegus????

    It's been a while since I looked into monitors (was thinking about ackies; tegu and most others are too big for me) but there were some good forums out there dedicated to them and they tend to use alot more soil since monitors tend to big diggers. Good luck on the research! :study:
  19. Taterbug

    Tank heating

    You want to set up something as a place holder to the basking site to make sure you are measuring the basking temps. You might be closer than you think to the right temps.
  20. Taterbug

    Distance for Arcadia bulb

    What an awesome enclosure! I hope you don't split it, it would be so great to have one giant lizard palace like that. I have a 22" 14% bulb that I've easily gotten 2 years out of, and it's still strong enough I just lower it periodically. It have a good gradient throughout my 4x4x2 cage. As as...
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