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    Bony tail

    He is 5 years old. Yes, he has a coil type bulb. I wasn’t aware that the coil isn’t recommended, so I will be switching that out as soon as possible. I will schedule him an appointment for Monday and I will try some baby foods tomorrow. I will let you know how he does! :)
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    Bony tail

    His fat pads sunk in suddenly. He won’t eat anything for me at all. He was eating dubia roaches and occasional superworms. He loves superworms so I know something is wrong when he won’t eat them. He watches them and looks like he’s interested but won’t run after them to eat them. Also his poop...
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    Bony tail

    Hi, Here is a picture of his set-up as well as a full-body picture. His basking bulb is 100W bulb and his warm side doesn't get any hotter than 110'F I'm pretty sure the UVB bulb is the zoo-med reptisun. However, I am unsure if it is 10.0 or 5.0. His weight is 512grams. His daily diet consists...
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    Bony tail

    Hi all, My bearded dragon Bear was doing fine - eating his salads every day and eating his bugs - until one morning the heat in the house had stopped working and it was about 60F in the house. After that morning, he started showing signs of brumation, which I kind of suspected. I still offered...
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    Leopard Gecko not eating.

    Hi, I don’t know if you’ll see this but she is doing tremendously now. She’s always asking for food! Always eating and being active. She will only eat for me though. She won’t eat for my husband at all but hey! at least she’s eating! I’d like to say, thank you for all your help with this issue...
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    Leopard Gecko not eating.

    Hi! I have an update! (Yes a day later lol) I had bought some Black Soldier Fly Larvae for my beardy and I had to give some to my male Leo tonight since he ate all of his crickets. I thought, why not try to give them to my female Leo as well? So I did and she ate one! I know one isn’t a lot...
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    Leopard Gecko not eating.

    I hope she eats them too! If she won’t, luckily my male Leo will eat anything that moves. I just think it’s odd that our male Leo hasn’t changed or been affected at all by the colder weather. But then again, all lizards are different. She’s such a sweetheart so it breaks my heart that she...
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    Leopard Gecko not eating.

    Hi!! No, she still isn’t eating. I’ve tried every day but she’s still sticking her nose up. Her tail hasn’t been shrinking much either. However, I continue to find fresh poo in her tank every few days. She’s still active and running around. The only thing I can think of is brumation :/ I know...
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    Sunken eyes while brumating

    Hi, I have posted pictures of him in another post. And his weight has remained the same as before he went into brumation.
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    Sunken eyes while brumating

    Hi, here are the pictures. Both from today. This morning, his eyes were normal, while this evening, his eyes are sunken in. I have them time stamped so you can see. And his weight has remained the same as it was before he went into brumation. Please let me know what you think!!
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    Sunken eyes while brumating

    Hi! So I'm almost certain my 4-year-old beardy is in brumation. However, every night around bedtime, his eyes will be sunken in. When he wakes up, his eyes will be normal. I already know the main cause is dehydration, so I dripped water on his nose and he drank a lot. So instead of dripping a...
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    Thank you!!
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