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    MissT's Legacy Uploads

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  5. MissT

    Stuck shed HELP!!!!

    Yep... looks like someone likes to adventure through their poop haha! Phoebe belly looks like this most of the time... she also likes to lay in her salad so she is permanently stained with salad or poop! Glorious!
  6. MissT

    Re-introducing Phoebe

    Picture! This was taken in between attempts to eat my watch and my phone...
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  8. MissT

    Re-introducing Phoebe

    Haha... she's having some eye shed issues and hates me right now.
  9. MissT


    She is too cute!!!! Love the puffy beard...and her new tank... and even the fact she has poop on her back!!!! Too adorable!
  10. MissT

    Help why is my bearded dragons beard black.

    Do you have any more pictures? One from the top and maybe one from the side? Anything changed outside of his tank? Moved any furniture? Other objects that aren't usually there? Is he active? Anything else noticeable other than his black beard? Is he eating and pooping normally? Sorry-So many...
  11. MissT

    Re-introducing Phoebe

    Need to get some decent pictures of her... perhaps tomoro-she doesn't want to pose at the minute because she's finishing up a shed.
  12. MissT


    I've had 3 confirmed ADV dragons and they couldn't be more different experiences. All the reading in the world couldn't have prepared me for what ended up being totally individual cases. I remember panicking in the beginning, fussing over every detail of their lives but really, I've ended up...
  13. MissT

    Re-introducing Phoebe

    Hi all! Been a while since I was here and just thought I'd share a photo of my girl Phoebe... sorry they aren't better pics- I'm having some issues with my phone vs the image uploader but will try to get some more. Phoebe is around 10 years old now... she has had a pretty crazy life-at less than...
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  16. MissT

    Poor eyesight-live food help

    Feeding tongs make it even more difficult... I had a plastic set snap once while feeding and the metal ones make her ever more excited And she attacks them (same with anything shiny really haha) resulting in no bugs anywhere near her mouth as she's so busy concentrating on the shiny things...
  17. MissT

    Poor eyesight-live food help

    So my dear Phoebe has had poor eyesight for what seems like forever really. This results in some struggles when she is eating her live food... she seems fine when getting her salad etc but with bugs she never aims quite right... for the most part, I can predict where she is going to aim and get...
  18. MissT

    UV lighting updates?

    Thanks for the link coopersdragon... I started using the Arcadia 12% t5 bulb when it was still pretty 'New' -ie no-one else seemed to be using them... my boy is getting on now though so I need to rethink his distances as I'm trying to reorganize his viv to have less climbing opportunities as...
  19. MissT

    Is something wrong??

    Is her eye actually leaking or does it just look like it Is- i have a girl who I have similar experiences with... when I got her she had eye issues- either photokerato conjunctivitis due to improper pet store lighting OR a reaction to the bark substrate she was kept on (vet was unsure which)...
  20. MissT

    UV lighting updates?

    Hello all, I have been away from the forum for the past 4+ years and feel perhaps I have missed out on any updates with regards to uv lighting and what's being recommended now.... I feel loke there are a lot of new bulbs out there (eg reptisun t5?) And i wonder about the status of the reptiglo...
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