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    Hossinn's Legacy Uploads

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    Dubia Roach Container

    DUBIA KEEPING AND ENCLOSURE CLEANING I currently have 500 dubias in a 36 Quart container - The size of this container seems like overkill, especially the height. If I'm only ever going to have ~500...
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    New dragon not eating

    Okay, excellent. When you say "hand feed", do you literally mean holding between your fingers, or do you use tongs?
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    New dragon not eating

    Yes! While he started hunting insects today, the salads don't provide much of a hunt and he has not yet expressed interest. didn't get my order right and failed to send the BSFL (but they are making it right and sending today)...I'm hoping that's what will help make the salad...
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    New dragon not eating

    After a 5-day eating strike, he went nuts this morning, chasing down crickets and dubias like they were going out of style! He ate about 5 crickets and 3 dubias. I think lunch time is going to be a slaughter! Thanks for all the help, with these new parents, on so many various topics! :)
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    New dragon not eating

    Well, he ate (1) dubia roach today, so that’s a small victory. He still hasn’t eaten any that are dangling in front of him (dubias, crickets, or small supers), or the dubias in the feeding dish, but I tossed one on the rock he was posted up on and he went for it. I was hoping he’d eat more but...
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    Dried Salad Anybody?

    Hi. New owner of 9 week old Dragon owner here. It seems all the leafy greens and various other foods are drying up so quickly when I place them in the enclosure. I'm guessing putting them in the "cool" side will help tremendously, but it still seems like the stuff's going to dry up. Humidity is...
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    New dragon not eating

    Hi Karrie. - Probe is sitting on highest spot of basking area. Reading approx. 101 degrees, consistently. - He is basking. Sometimes on highest spot, sometimes on lower spot. - I believe the UVB is properly placed...It's sitting at 13"-14" above basking area. - Behavior wise, he seems fine...
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    New dragon not eating

    We're coming up on 48 hours post-delivery and he still hasn't eaten anything (since initially eating out of the box). Kinda stressful for the new owner, but perhaps normal with relocation stress...? Is this the type of digital thermometer you're referring to? This is what we're using, and we're...
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    New dragon not eating

    12:30 PM and still won't eat anything. I finally thought he may be dehydrated and fed him water, one drop at a time, from the tip of my finger. He "chomped" on the water, but seems very lethargic...
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    New Bearded Dragon

    Hello. I'm posting a few additional pics. Other than the obvious crusty tip of the tail, does the rest of the tail look okay? I know the typical "tail rot" tends to change color gradually from dark to normal. I can't tell if the main trunk of the tail is dark or not... Thank you.
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    New dragon not eating

    Our 9 week old dragon has been here approximately 24 hours now. When we first put him in his cage, after travel, he ate approx. 4-5 dubias and 4-5 superworms. This morning, his lights automatically turned on at 7:00 AM. He didn’t eat when we offered at 7:30 AM, and I assumed he was not warm...
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    New Bearded Dragon

    This doesn't look like it contains Povidone Iodine. Will this help my problem or is povidone iodine better...
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    New Bearded Dragon

    Hello. Thanks to many of you I finally got to a point where I was comfortable purchasing a bearded dragon. He arrived today, appearing healthy and alert. He ate 4-5 dubias and 4-5 superworms (I'm short on dubias until order arrives on Friday). The only thing that seems off is the tip of his...
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    Night Time

    Thank you King. - To be clear, I believe we are talking about a thermostat/controller for the "cool" side of the enclosure, to turn CHE on/off, as needed, during day or night. Is that right? - I'm currently getting temp of 104-105 in the basking area, but wondering if I need a thermostat...
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