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    HKzForDayz's Legacy Uploads

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    Lighting Help for Newbies (:

    If your house doesnt get below 65 degrees at night, no heat is needed. If it does, all you need is a ceramic heat emitter
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    Concerned about bearded dragon not growing

    How are you taking those temps? If your basking surface temp is 94, that is too low. It needs to be 105-110. What style of UVB are you using? What brand? What strength?
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    Concerned about bearded dragon not growing

    Yes two males together could be disastrous.
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    Bearded dragon coloring

    He is a normal, good looking guy though!
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    Question about morphs

    The dunner gene is a dominant gene,a bearded dragon either has the dunner gene , or it doesn't, there is no checklist that has to be met for it to be considered a dunner. If it has the conical scales growing randomly in different directions, it is a dunner.
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    Concerned about bearded dragon not growing

    What kind of temps are you getting in the basking spots? How are you taking these temps? Are the temps the same in both of their enclosures? Also, how often are you feeding them live feeders and how many do you feed per feeding?
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    Is she too cold?

    If the temp is above 65 , she is fine. Turn off the dark lamp, beardies has excellent color vision and any kind of color lamp will disturb their sleep. If you need external heat to get above 65, you can use a CHE(ceramic heat emitter)
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    Oh thats nothing compared to my Drogon, got him at 17g , you can see his pic thread in my signature :)
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