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    Haven’t been here in awhile. How do I post pics?

    It’s been a few years since I’ve been here. Some may remember peaches and Ricco. Sadly both are passed on of old age. Now I acquired 2 new beardies and my daughter has one. My two are Buddha he’s a citrus dragon and Korvo a baby translucent who is super sweet. My daughter has a very pretty but...
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    two new baby beardies who were lost in shipping!

    Those were the only pics I had from the breeder. Haven't had a chance to take some myself yet. They are in separate cages. One cage is custom made out of wood with a tile floor the other is in a 40 breeder.
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    two new baby beardies who were lost in shipping!

    meet my two new dragons. these two i got from Kevin at the dragons den. I coulden't decide between them so he gave me a good deal on the pair. they are adorable!. they are so cute and perfect!. we did have a pretty good scare with the shipping UPS had a delay from weather then got them 150mi...
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    NE Wisconsin

    im from coleman
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    How big did your bearded dragon get??

    Ricco is going on 3yrs old he is 21" long and 570g
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    Self mutilation!

    i had a beardie who was on antibiotics and pain meds. she was on one called metcam and it really seemed to put her off food. i have found what seems to help are foods like yogurt. i think in my beardies case it was a combo of the antibiotics and the pain meds effecting the gut flora. i fed mine...
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    not a beardie but cute anyway!

    hi. i havent been on here in awhile. been to darn busy with work and life. just bought a house this year and everything just alot of stress! all my beardies are doing great! and of course now that we have more space we needed to add a new reptile!.i thought i would share some pictures! meet jinx...
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    spaz the baby frilled dragon!

    true some will eat veggies. the one who passed away wanted nothing to do with them. with spaz i am putting some of the greens i feed the beardies in the bowl with his veggies so he has the option to eat veggies
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    spaz the baby frilled dragon!

    its kinda funny about an hour after i fixed his cage up i couldent find him anywhere i searched and searched took everything back out of the tank dug through the flooring no frillie i darn near had a heart attack thinking he escaped somehow then i found the little bugger Clung to the screen top...
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    spaz the baby frilled dragon!

    he wasent happy with the other set-up so i redid his cage today. its covered on three sides with a tropical looking fish tank background.he has a hamock and a plant that sticks to the glass.his flooring is ecoearth i got from a petstore. it holds moisture really nice and i have been having...
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    spaz the baby frilled dragon!

    the difference in care isint much. they require a high cage they like to climb.some will eat a few veggies most only like bugs. they also like alot of humidity. they are cool little lizards.
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    spaz the baby frilled dragon!

    hi sorry i havent been on in awhile been real busy. i am painting an old tow truck and have been real bummed out after losing my frilled dragon roxie. the vet opened her up but couldent come up with a exact answer as to why she died she suspects renal failure from her past abuse. she just...
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    this doesn't make me a bad person...right?

    it sounds like it had a RI and trust me they arent cheap to treat!. my frilled is battling one and isint doing well at all. i have about $300 in vet care in the last two weeks into her and at this point she isint looking well at all. its mean of that girl to hassle you like that i have noticed...
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    Want to read a nice Beardie story?

    kids get along well with beardies. my 9yr old is super attached to our rescue beardie named rusty. rusty HATES everyone except my son. he feeds rusty cleans rusty gives him water everything. he even watches tv and playes games with rusty
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    with my babies i use newspaper to start and tile when they are a little older.tile is nice because its super easy to kleen just spray and wipe it off. for lights i use regular clear bulbs from places like home depot. the clear ones are brighter and hotter then a standard frosted one and they are...
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    falkor thinks my shirt is Yummy!

    i was watching tv with Falkor when i felt something tugging on the sleeve of my shirt. Falkor i guess thought my green shirt looked mighty tasty and was trying to Eat it! lol.
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    help very sick frilled dragon

    roxie has been such a little fighter she has such bad luck seems everything bad happens to her. she gets .06 baytril after today she has 6 more injections. i really hate injecting her she fights so darn bad i am worried i am going to hurt her when she does that.and .1 panacur 3days then again in...
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