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    Bearded ate wasp that was killed with bug spray!!!

    She is alert as ever same attitude problem. Yeah had called the number on the can and they said the same thing especially since it's outside as well. Thanks for your response.
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    Bearded ate wasp that was killed with bug spray!!!

    The wasp had been dead for a few weeks. Should I panic???!!!! I have a screened in patio so we sit out often. I seemed to have missed one when I cleaned the patio the day before. She looks fine as of now. This has happened about 30-45 minutes ago. What should I do?
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    Shinron1's Legacy Uploads

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    My beardie Chilly

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    Photo Shoot!

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    What are the names of your beardies?

    Shenron the spirit dragon!!
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    Morph Help?

    My guy looks very similar with the patterns but he is lighter in color
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    My beardie Chilly

    Thanks for your replies. Shen is doing better. He is eating well and I think his poop is also ok. Very active and eating almost all the 25 crickets I get a day. I feed when he seems frisky. Thanks again
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    My beardie Chilly

    What can I do for my dragon he scratches the glass all day and naps like a cat!!?? I've had him for 6 days he was eating for a few days and then nothing. First time he has eaten that we can tell was last night. I put 2 crickets in and this morning they are gone now. For that we are glad. I take...
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