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    First Time Beardie Owner-Meet Spyro

    He loves salads so much, he gets as excited for the salad as he gets for the dubia roaches. Especially lately. I used to hand feed him 1 or 2 pieces of salad and then about 5 minutes later he'd go eat the salad, now he's running to the bowl when I set it down. He'll then eat half of what's there...
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    First Time Beardie Owner-Meet Spyro

    No he's only eating 30-40 small dubias a day he just acts like he needs more and I wanted to make sure that was a good amount. Caught him mid climb but it's a good angle of the space between his eyes
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    First Time Beardie Owner-Meet Spyro

    I do not let him ride my shoulder ever. He moves really fast and he happened to to run up my shoulder and on my back. He was getting a bath, which he's not super fond of, because he had walked through his poop and was stinky. He evaded my hand as I went to get him and ran up my arm instead. I...
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    First Time Beardie Owner-Meet Spyro

    I am a first time beardie owner of what we think is a boy named Spyro. We (my fiance and I) got him from Petco despite having put our name on a list with our local reptile pet store because we fell in love with him. He is between 3 to 5 months old from what the pet store said. We do have a vet...
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