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    Looking to change things up

    Well i went ahead and did it and I think its safe to say he loves it. I wanted to do a super natural style tank because thats what these animals deserve and do best in. Still trying to figure out a way to add the cleanup crew so they can run and hide from him before he catches them though..
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    Best sealant for foam backgrounds ?

    in the us its A1 silicone, basically just look for aquarium safe silicone and chances are theres a 99% chance that its safe for reptiles also
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    Enclosure Critiques?

    I used the purple foam sheets you can find at homedept and spray painted it with textured spray paint. If i were you I would HIGHLY advise you don't do it if you like having peace of mind. The problem is that the foam just amplifies the sound of the beardies claws on it and makes it incredibly...
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    Looking to change things up

    I just recently watched reptiliatus's video where he used the exo-terra stone desert substrate and made a background with it for some small geckos. I have a bearded dragon with a self made foam background that im just tired of and its super loud has anyone used this substrate and have any tips...
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    Having trouble getting temps high enough?

    If you are super concerned with just basking temps because other tank temps seem pretty good you could always use a higher up basking spot closer to the heat bulb, bearded dragons are smart and know how to thermo regulate and wont cook themselves unless the entire tank is the same temp and they...
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    Yes! not with my bearded dragons but my AFT Gecko. It took a very long time to figure out a way. So when i go to feed my AFT i use the lid to my calcium container, grab however many mealworms im feeding, get a nice even dusting, then cut the mealworms open so a meal scent is produced. I a...
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    I wouldnt recommend doing a superworm farm, the only reason i say this is because all 6 times ive tried to start one they never end up actually starting and i followed every rule, I have had much better luck with mealworms and I've noticed that they seem to be a much hardier farm in general. If...
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    Freaked My bearded dragon out last night...

    So last night im doing my usual before bed things that i do every night. For context my bearded dragon is on a rack system with my fat tail geckos cage above him. So I go to spray my fat tails humid hide like i do everynight because the humidity has dropped a little bit and i grab my sprayer and...
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    Enclosure Critiques?

    I decided to do a custom foam backround and I think my bearded dragon loves it because it gives him texture and he loves to climb. The foam is also a really good insulator and ive noticed that my room does stay cooler now with that and I havent had any problems with it. So if your feeling crafty...
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    What is this.?

    Do you have any furry pets like dogs or cats because if so I know from experience that berdies like to lick everything so if you have any furry pets and you get him out it could just be hair also it does look wierd that could just be how the berdies digestive track works down hair just a thought.
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    Normal poops.??

    Bearded dragons are one of the weirdest reptiles with their poops. From what I can tell with mine is it seems that he is always in a pooping contest with himself. I mean sometimes I swear its just as big as my 30lbs dogs poops if not bigger. My Beardie is about 4.5 years old and poops like a...
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    Brumating, Gravid, Sick, Stressed?

    I wouldnt say shes preg because beardies lay way more then 2 mine layed 19 one year so I would say its either impaction or an infection
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    I know this is for beardies but does anyone have fat tail gecko experience?

    Yea Know that is a possibility so thats why im just going to leave them in for tonight and whatever he doesnt eat ill probably just feed to my beardie
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    Baby Terrarium Size

    most people say a full grown beardie needs a 4x2x2 so i would recomend a 2x1x1 until they get settled and they can get to their food easier. if you already have a 4x2x2 built or one similar in size you could use like some sort of barrier in the tank you already have so they can get used to the tank.
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    Update on the 'izzards

    Love the name toothless I just got a fat tail gecko 2 weeks ago and also named it toothless😂
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    I know this is for beardies but does anyone have fat tail gecko experience?

    Went and got him some crickets and he just ate one. I am super happy and have so much less stress and anxiety now. I got him 5 small crickets so I put the other 4 in his tank so he can do some natural hunting tonight. Thank you for your advice you dont know how much I appreciate it.
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    I know this is for beardies but does anyone have fat tail gecko experience?

    ok i will definitely try that but i have a couple friends that work at the pet store that i shop at and they said that they were feeding crickets but would feed dubias every so often so i went and got some and am trying to start a colony so i don’t have to spend so much but thank you for all the...
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    One of our eggs opened almost 36 hours ago - no movement at all

    No problem I have be doing so much egg research because I want to start breeding beardies but I still live at home going to college but once im out and done that is definitely something Im really looking forward to!
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    One of our eggs opened almost 36 hours ago - no movement at all

    Have you pulled all the other hatchlings out? if you did I would recommend stimulating the egg because I know that that can be a sign to new hatching to start to come out and emerge so you could try and just give it a few gentle nudges but dont try and pull it out of the egg.
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    I know this is for beardies but does anyone have fat tail gecko experience?

    When I got it the employee said that he thinks its a boy just cause at this size its hard to actually know but I named it Toothless from how to train your dragon. I have a heat mat that is right at 90 and i have an overhead heat lamp and thats mainly what the thermometer is picking up. I would...
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