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    Rescue beardie ear help!

    Rescued this beardie today and both of her ear holes are crunchy when you brush over them, my other dragons aren’t like this, I don’t know if it’s stuck shed or an ear problem? Ill attach a picture of her ear and if someone can offer me insight and hopefully save me an unnecessary vet trip even...
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    Male rescue beardie colouring help?

    Thankyou, I’m a feeder😂🤭 he’s very much enjoying his new life with us!
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    Male rescue beardie colouring help?

    Can anyone help me please? I’ve got this gorgeous beardie male as a rescue and I am curious to know what his colouring is. I understand lighting can make it tricky but these are the best pictures I can get. I also think he’s due to shed on his back soon, and has shed on his legs and parts of his...
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