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    A cautionary word about roaches

    Good point. I *thought * I was going to emotionally scar my daughter because the single damn roach that escaped in 5 years ended up in her snuggle blanket when she was 5 or so... Only a few feet from the enclosure, but I felt like a jerk. But she didn't tell mom and cried along with me when we...
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    What is this

    Very hard to see, but looks like a sperm plug to me. Or just urea. I assume you know what urea looks like. As a keeper that's been around the block, it's always worth it to me to bring reptiles to an exotic vet at least once a year for stool analysis even when things are going well. If you feed...
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    A cautionary word about roaches

    Hi all, 40 years of reptile experience, but since my last panther I am taking a break. Had 2 different kinds of roach colonies in NJ. Just wanted to say the panther was the first time I bred lots of roaches. I am very glad I literally accounted for every roach that went into the enclosure. A...
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