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    LOL Beardies - The Official Thread

    bath time today as his tail dropped into his poop. not as good as the others.
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    LOL Beardies - The Official Thread

    lolspyro doing his daily beard puff. obviously life as a beardie is very difficult. Aha I didn't realize the last one is similar to one that's already been posted, sorry about that.
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    Spyro's Fake Rock Build.

    final coat of waterproof pva i had to cut an inch of the cool side so it would fit in my vivarium, regrout etc it's drying in the sun now, it's coming out pretty nicely. the left side is the one i finished gluing a few minutes ago, that's why it's still white. can't wait untill it dries...
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    Spyro's Fake Rock Build.

    nearly finished, just needs to dry overnight, then one more coat of waterproof pva tomorrow, i hope it fits in my vivarium now :p
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    Spyro's Fake Rock Build.

    i'm now putting on the first layer of sand. so basically i pva glued it and dumpled a pile of sand ontop. in half hour when the pva is dry i will re go over it with more pva and add another layer of sand, then finally sealing it off with more waterproof pva
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    Spyro's Fake Rock Build.

    so basically gonna copy what i wrote from rfuk xD i know there are loads of these about, but i thought i would post my own. xD i've not finished yet, just have to seal it with waterproof pva glue, throw some sand over it, and seal it again xD i was going to do a step by step thing, but i...
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    Puffers New Homemade Hammock

    it's very good. i don't like the suction cup things, i don't trust them. what if thy ever come off?
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    Do i have enough lighting?

    you need a uvb light aswell. also try lowering them temps to 110. recomended ones are arcadia d3+12% and the reptisun 10.0
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    Viv pics only thread

    spyro's viv. it's 4x2x2
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    Arcadia 12% vs ReptiSun

    I have an Ardcadia d3+ 12%, the difference in my dragon, was amazing. his colour brightened and he was more active. i defiantly recommend it over any other tube. i bought mine off, arrived the next morning. xD
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    this isnt good i dont now what to do i have no money

    that's very important for the health of the dragon. do you even understand why they need uvb lights?
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    this isnt good i dont now what to do i have no money

    it just seems as if you're asking for advice, but when advice is given, you complain. you really need to get this sorted out, you say you can afford the babies, but you can't afford another light at the moment? surely your mother would buy the other one? i've had to ask my mum to lend me money...
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    Spyro never fails to make me laugh.
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