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    Miller Moths

    Are Miller Moths safe for consumption? My bd goes nuts everytime he sees one, and I cant find any info on the net concerning if they are ok to eat. Thanks :)
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    Hello all.

    Welcome :D Toki is beautiful! Gratz!!
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    hi ya'll

    Hi and congrats! My little guy loves to soak as long as possible :) I usually take him out when I feel it is getting a little too cool for him. He never poos during bath time... Though he often does right after I put him back in his house :D Hope that helps!
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    Random pictures of Ryuu's first week with us

    I dunno she just looks like a girl to me lolz :D could be a boy though. either way very handsome/pretty! yay for you
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    Black Lines Under Chin

    Hi, I have a new baby and he has lines under his chin and belly all of the time.... I thought this was just part of his markings and colorations. He has always had them and they have never gone away. Am I wrong? Is he maybe stressed or in pain? Thanks
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    Kermit says hello...

    :D Thank you so much! We are so happy to be here! And totally excited to make new friends!
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    Random pictures of Ryuu's first week with us

    Omy Gosh! So cute! :P Mine wont let go of my hand during bath time tho! Lol What a brave girl u have!
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    Kermit says hello...

    ... and so do I! Hello! My name is Leslie a.k.a. Twii. I am from Colorado Springs; and am new to the World of Dragons. :mrgreen: Kermit is my almost, I am guestimating, two month old Dragon! I shall call him Kermie, and he shall be mine. He shall be my Kermie. (Unless he is a she, then she...
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