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    Be patient, please.

    Yes, please post new pictures or a link to pictures! I can't seem them either. :P
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    Do I need a calcium supplement if....?

    Really? I'm glad you brought that up! I got yelled at, well... Scolded, I would say, by someone on the foum that insisted that multivitamins "MUST be given to babies 5-6 times a week. :shock: I was a little surprised and thought that might be over doing it, but I listened... Sort of! :lol...
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    Do I need a calcium supplement if....?

    Hello all! I hope you're having a wonderful time preparing for Christmas/the holidays. :blob8: I have a question! I've had my baby, Puff, for about a month now. So far he's doing great. I had been giving him calcium powder, but I'm wondering if I still need it? I have switched to feeding him a...
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    What's going on with my dragon here? I'm confused.

    Yes, I definitely think you have a Vittikins on your hands! I'm kind of amazed! Where you got it and after watching that video... Those things only convince me more! You're probably the only person with a dragon out of that clutch that realizes it. Well hurray for you. :blob8: :blob5: I'm...
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    What's going on with my dragon here? I'm confused.

    Judging by what you've said, and the pictures, I would honestly say that there is a good chance he is a vittikin's! He's smaller, he has a different shaped head, he definitely doesn't have as much of a beard, and his skin texture is in between a regular & a leatherback. By the way, I definitely...
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    What's going on with my dragon here? I'm confused.

    I guess the biggest indication that he would be a vittikin's would be his head shape. Does Sunny have a normal beard? You said his head is shaped a bit different, so I would probably be thinking the same thing you are! Especially since he doesn't look 100% like a leatherback. He's smooth, but...
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    What's going on with my dragon here? I'm confused.

    My honest guess would be that he's a leatherback. Puff (my beardie) is a leatherback, but he is just a baby. The smoothness on Sunny's back looks similar to the way Puff's back is. I'll put up a picture of him so you can see what I mean. He does look a lot smaller than your other beardie. What...
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    Tail Length

    He looks great. I wouldn't worry about a thing! However, I do feel the need to say... Holy smokes! :shock: :shock: That is one heck of a tail on your beardie!! Love it. :mrgreen:
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    Really cold... Bean bag heater?

    Thanks for your help, guys! Puff is getting a warm bath. :mrgreen:
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    Really cold... Bean bag heater?

    I got it at a herpetological meeting! Or Herps Anonymous, as I like to call it lol. :lol: The basking temp in my beardie's tank is at about 101º right now. :( Which is too cold for a baby. I just cut some cardboard and put it on the top of the tank around the lights! Hopefully it helps...
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    Boy or girl

    I would also say you've got a little boy on your hands! It's hard to be 100% sure with A) the picture and B) how young he is.
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    Stress marks that won't go away on my baby dragon?

    I love him too! Haha, and I don't think we could have a better name for our dragons! :lol: No, my tree frogs are surprisingly quiet. It's my fire-bellied toads that make all of the noise! I have a male and a female, and they constantly are making noise. They don't really croak, they bark...
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    Really cold... Bean bag heater?

    So, it's really really cold at the moment, and I'm worried about my herps! It was a worse yesterday at -2º. Now it's warmed up a bit and is 9º outside. Well, I'm used to this weather, but my herps aren't. I have my heat up all of the way, set at 90º, but it won't get warmer than 65º inside...
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    Morph maybe?

    Do you have a picture of your beautiful baby?! :D
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    so stoked to get a beardy...

    Aaack, he's so cute! What a ferocious looking fella. :lol:
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    Fattening Food

    I have always used wax worms when I've needed to fatten a gecko up, so I assume they will work just fine with fattening beardies up! I've given my baby beardie some smaller wax worms on top of his salad to see if it will make him eat some of his greens. He just ate the wax worms and left the...
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    Best place to get feeders when you live in an igloo.

    Thank you for the advice, I will definitely do that! I just ordered the 100 count of worms from their site. Hopefully the Post Office here will be willing to hold it for me. I hate, hate, hate crickets, so I hope they get here alive!
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    Took 4 of the 5 beardies to see Santa! *Edited to add pic*

    They are so adorable!! :mrgreen: I love it. Are they all around the same age or is there a big age gap? Thanks for posting the picture. I can't wait until Puff gets old enough to enjoy cuddles! He's still a little skittish, but I'm hoping that will change within the next few months. Oh, and I...
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    Aaaack. :bleick: You sound just like me!! This is the reason that I have not looked into ordering dubias. We don't have any kind of roaches where I'm from, and I want to keep it that way! Good Laawwwd. I couldn't handle it. I already have enough of a problem with crickets. Dubia colony? Noooooo...
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    Best place to get feeders when you live in an igloo.

    Whoops, this was intended to go in the "feeders" section, not "feeding". :oops: Whoops! There are a couple of websites that I've found on here that I might try. I'll have to look for someone that ships a heat pack in the box! Thanks for the tip.
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