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    ditch the black light and hold off on the CHE, if your temps don't fall below 65 degrees than there is no need for one, i thought about doing the same then but i asked and thats what they have told me and with the price of the CHE i was glad i didn't get one. The basking bulb is ok depending on...
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    id attach it with the sticky side down, use a rubber band or piece of two sided tape, im sure the surface temp is somewhat different but i cant say it would be more than a few degrees difference, are you able to use a rock or something with a platform shelf on it? this way your beardie can...
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    how far down from your light is your basking spot? a 150 watt bulb should be way too much. I just got a new enclosure that is about 4ft long, 2 foot deep, and 2 1/2ft tall, using a 60 watt bulb my basking temp is just about to hit 115. so i will be dropping down to a 40 watt. you dont want the...
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    new enclosure, what do you guys think?

    yea i found the case at an antique/thrift store that was either going out of business or relocating. She had two other cases for sale as well, another the same size as this one and then one that was probably 7-8 foot long with the other dimensions being the same as the other two. I think she...
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    new enclosure, what do you guys think?

    found this display case for 50 dollars and figured id give it a go and try to turn it into a new home for dino, i still have some things i want to do with it but its definitely livable for him, he seems to enjoy it. Will have to get more pictures up when i have it completed, any ideas on what i...
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    Hand and Face Wipes for Tile

    i left my tiles removable as well but they fit so tight that i cant get them out now, what a shame LOL. next time that i cam able to get them out i will have to sand them down a little bit and see if that helps. As for cleaning i use the walmart brand of bleach disinfectant(Great Value) place...
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    display case

    Hi there, was wondering if it would be a good idea to switch out the 55 gallon aquarium for a 4foot display case? Found a glass front and top case that is 4 foot long, probably 2 to 2 1/2 foot deep and probably 3 foot high. Will give dino lots more room to move around and climb. It has sliding...
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    light timers

    I just use a single GE light timer and a power strip. Plug the timer into the wall and then the strip into the timer, and now i have a six outlet light timer. Cheap and effective, have had no issues. Some of the more fancy timers may give you a little more control over the timer but on this one...
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    LOL Beardies - The Official Thread

    dino dancing on the glass. dont mind the dirty glass, but that spot is not on him its some type of food stuck to the glass.
  10. J

    Glue sealant & grout!

    glue guns work great and are cheap, that is what i ended up using on my platform, i tried liquid nails and i must have bought the wrong product because it didnt work. grout is grout i think, you can go with either sanded or non sanded, i used non sanded and worked great some people say its...
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    here is dino tryin to show off his sexy legs. goofy lil lizards aren't they
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    FAke Rocks and Wall

    yea you have to seal it, can use many different products as long as they are non toxic, many people choose including myself to use mod podge, can easily apply first 4-5 coats by putting in a cheap spray bottle and adding water.
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    Well I smashed my fake rock cave in a fit of rage

    i feel your pain, i just did a fake rock this week and i had plenty of clearance on the trial fit, well after getting it all painted and sealed i try to place it in there and seemed to be about 1/4 inch to wide so i turned it every possible way and no luck, i ended up having to rip off one off...
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    fake platform and steps

    yea i mixed paint with the grout and let it dry didnt get the color i wanted so then i did just the plain grout over that again and then mixed paint and added water then put in a spray bottle and spayed all the visible areas a few times, then took some of the mixed paint and a small brush and...
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    i just made my own, cost about 2 dollars total lol, i could have put a little more time into it and sewed a piece of fabric over the edges but i just bought suction cups at walmart that have the metal inserts with 2 prongs on them and then took the mesh fabric also bought at walmart and folded...
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    fake platform and steps

    ok finally done, that was a fun process. Coloring is the hardest part i feel. I have another platform that i made which will connect to the right side and is about 2-3 inches lower and not as big, but i have not colored it yet or sealed it, will do that as i go, but dino hangs out on this all...
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    fake platform and steps

    thank you for the answer about the mod podge, i think ill do a few more layers of grout, had a few spots flake off some how so i will go over them a little stronger then goto the sealing, pretty easy process but takes a long time for the grout to completely dry grrr. if these could be made in a...
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    fake platform and steps

    have two layers of non sanded grout applied and now im getting ready for the sealing part. if i go with modge podge can that be watered down or mixed with something to thin it out so its easier to apply in the cracks and crevices then do a thicker layer when i get all that taken care of
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    fake platform and steps

    its really not that hard, just break the foam into different shapes and glue together. now i dont know abou the grout and sealing part but im sure that isnt too hard either. went through a ton of glue sticks tho lol. prolly over did it but wanted to make sure it stays together... i dont know why...
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    fake platform and steps

    built dino a fake climbing and basking area out of strofoam was wondering what you guys think and if you have any suggestions please let me know, i havnt grouted or sealed yet, but have pictures of a test fit and it looks decent. so here we go anything you can think of that i should...
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