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  1. Bearded joey

    Has anyone seen a beardie do this?

    How much calcium is he getting? And uvb? It kinda looks like his limbs are swollen which could be too much calcium and I have read that they lick the air like a snake to see what is the area
  2. Bearded joey

    Hasn’t pooped

    How long are you leaving her in the bath to soak? And have you tried dusting the salad with calcium?
  3. Bearded joey

    Help ! Stuggling to lay??

    From my understanding you should leave her be while in the dig pot most will use a tub with a lid and moist soil and just leave them be overnight she knows what to do
  4. Bearded joey

    Help!! Bearded Dragon: Spasms?! Twitching?! Digging?!

    It looks like she is digging if it's not too late start putting her in a dig box, at least that is how our boy Joey digs
  5. Bearded joey

    Thrive natural calcium sand

    Thank you
  6. Bearded joey

    Thrive natural calcium sand

    Hello so our boy is 7 months old and now A little over 18" long and in a 40gal thrive enclosure he's been on carpet since we got him, he is wanting to dig and he likes climbing so we bought 40lbs of thrive all natural calcium sand substrate to put on the bottom of his enclosure and we also got a...
  7. Bearded joey

    possible relocation stress?

    Sounds like he might be getting ready to shed
  8. Bearded joey

    Already 18 inches

    He was about 3 months old when we got him He was about 3 months old when we got him and maybe 3 inches long we bought the 40gal 34x12x12 zoomed kit and he quickly out grew it and he is now in the bigger enclosure we did the same thing bought a zoomed 38x18x18 kit and some extra stuff for him to...
  9. Bearded joey

    Already 18 inches

    Hello y'all our son's boy Joey is only 6 months old and already 18 inches long my ? Is any idea how big he will be at full size? I've seen some can get close to 24 inches long he is currently in a 36x18x18 enclosure T.I.A
  10. Bearded joey

    Broken Heart

    Sorry for your loss.😔
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