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  1. Youkai

    LOL Beardies - The Official Thread

    :laughhard: that's great! Loving all the pictures, great thread!
  2. Youkai

    Ruben Miso & Billy! RIP Ruben

    I smell a LOL Beardie picture in the making... :mrgreen: ...and I smell other stuff :silent: Perhaps she just wasn't a fan of the author?
  3. Youkai

    Ruben Miso & Billy! RIP Ruben

    I've said it before and I'll say it again, I can't pass up a WoW thread/topic/post... :lol: Now THAT'S a Hunter..LOL (that's my main) (about 2300 DPS when raid buffed, w/crappy gear) Just kidding, I don't really concentrate...
  4. Youkai

    Double Checking My Lighting Bulb Safety For My Dragon...

    I'd say that either the ReptiSun 5.0 or 10.0 are good bulbs and should be fine, you just have to make a few adjustments to get the maximum benefit from them. As Volkert314 mentioned, with the 10.0, your beardie should be able to get within 6-8 inches from the bulb for the best UVB absorption...
  5. Youkai

    Lookin' Gooood...

    Just wanted to drop a note to Alex and say that the site looks wonderful on my new BlackBerry. :mrgreen: I'm not sure if you've changed anything specifically so the site will format well on a mobile device, but even if you haven't...Good Job!! :lol: First time I've had a mobile with...
  6. Youkai

    What is the best place to purchase phoenix worms online?

    The worms come in this sawdust like material which I've read (and can confirm) is not harmful to your beardie. You still want to try to get most of it off, but its ok if there's still some on them. You shouldn't have to worry about them crawling everywhere if they are in a container with smooth...
  7. Youkai


    "Keep walking human, nothing to see here but a big old rock..." :mrgreen: Awesome pic, Sunny is gorgeous!
  8. Youkai


    You can put the bulb inside the tank so it'll be closer to your beardie's basking spot but it's probably safer to try to leave the bulb above the tank and raise the basking platform instead. Beardies love to climb so that'll work out a little better for him/her. I only used my Repti-Sun for a...
  9. Youkai

    PLEASE HELP..Lighting & Temps are still NOT RIGHT!

    113 is definitely pretty high :shock: Most of the MVB bulbs are recommended for AT LEAST a 40 gallon breeder tank or larger because of the heat they put out. I think your 20 gallon is just too small for that bulb plus the additional 75w bulb. :( The best thing you could do right now is stop...
  10. Youkai

    Ruben Miso & Billy! RIP Ruben

    Hi Holly, Just wanted to offer my support and say hang in there! :mrgreen: I'm practically going through the same thing with Sakura. Worrying about her and my mum's health and work and everything else has been very stressful. Rube is gonna be fine, you take incredible care of your beardies...
  11. Youkai

    Pre-Spring, Semi-Cranky Collection!!

    Thank you everyone for all the wonderful comments! :mrgreen: Sakura sends her love and she's glad you all liked the pics. Thank you Tracie for the help as well, you've totally taken away a huge amount of my stress from worrying about her. Of course Sakura has been acting wonderfully these...
  12. Youkai

    Pre-Spring, Semi-Cranky Collection!!

    Nonsense, I only had a towel and a piece of my shirt in there for her until her mommy made the Love Sock, so don't feel bad. Besides, I'd like to see one picture of beardies in the wild with anything cute and fluffy near them. :mrgreen: For what it's worth, they are extremely easy to make...
  13. Youkai

    Pre-Spring, Semi-Cranky Collection!!

    Would someone PLEASE tell me what this is all about?? hahaha she does this every once in a while as part of her glass dancing routine First day with the Love Sock, she's checking it out and looking back at me... "ok, so what is this? too big to eat...but it's RED!!!" :love5: Pancakin'...
  14. Youkai

    Pre-Spring, Semi-Cranky Collection!!

    hahaha, thank you :mrgreen: Well, it says "Love" all over it, plus the red hearts, plus the fact that it was made from love by her mommy, and she LOVES what else should I call it? It's the Love Sock!! :wink:
  15. Youkai

    Pre-Spring, Semi-Cranky Collection!!

    Different day, same cranky Sakura, same spot on her sock. She LOVES that thing!!! Ok, getting progressively crankier as the camera gets closer.. HELLO black beard!! Not the happiest of campers at the moment. Where is my Sakura and what have you done with that a white belly...
  16. Youkai

    Pre-Spring, Semi-Cranky Collection!!

    Hi All, It's been a while since I posted pictures of Sakura so I wanted to share some recent ones and also show off some additions to her home. I noticed a pattern in the pics, she's been semi-cranky for months now so it's fitting that I try to include all the pics into a "Semi-Cranky...
  17. Youkai

    Beardie is seeing his reflection in the glass?

    You should try covering the outside of the viv with paper towels or newspaper. It keeps them from seeing their reflection and makes for a much happier, calmer beardie! :mrgreen: My Sakura did that for a few days and after reading about covering the walls, I tried it and that made a huge...
  18. Youkai


    To my knowledge there are no specific "viv tiles" but most people are just referring to slate tiles. You can get any kind of tile really but the best option is slate. Ceramic will also work but you have to make sure you get something textured or "rough" because normally ceramic tiles are quite...
  19. Youkai

    Malygos ;)

    WTS [Gloves of Beardie Fecal Avoidance] cheaper than AH!! PST with offer... (sorry, I can't ever pass up a WoW reference... :oops: )
  20. Youkai

    Rep points

    Please don't take this the wrong way, I think it's a great idea and could be very helpful to new members who are overwhelmed with information......BUT..... I've been a member of far too many forums, a moderator on quite a few, and admin'd one or two myself and I've seen this request many times...
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