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  1. coastergirl946

    My Romeo!

    omg! he is so super cute :love5:
  2. coastergirl946

    Disappointed and Sad

    oh my.. except for the orange dots on his beard, he looks identical to the poor sweet baby we lost to calcium sand impaction. what a gorgeous healthy looking little boy. <3
  3. coastergirl946

    colored sand

    My boyfriend and I lost a 3 1/2 year old beardie to calcium sand impaction. Calcium sand, when ingested, forms a cement-like clump in their intestines that is extremely difficult if not impossible to pass. Beardies lick everything and there is no way for you to know how much is in their system...
  4. coastergirl946

    Straining to go

    Just to be sure it doesn't happen again: Make sure her temp on the basking side is just over 100 degrees and that the cool side is at 80. The stick on thermometers can be off by up to 20 degrees.. use a digital thermometer with probe. Make sure you are not using a loose substrate. Paper towels...
  5. coastergirl946

    Crickets!!!!!! How do you catch the things!

    Put out a little pile of cricket food. When they come running, slam a cup or a tupperware container down over them and then slide a sheet of paper underneath, then flip the whole thing over really fast. ;)
  6. coastergirl946

    Expert advice please!

    Carrots are really not good for your dragon as they can cause an overload of vitamin A and can lead to hypervitaminosis. You may want to try butternut squash shavings instead. I rarely hear of a dragon that turns down squash, and it is a terrific veggie staple. The beautiful dragons website has...
  7. coastergirl946

    I am so worried about Haku

    Your setup is perfect so I have no idea what's impacting him.. are his food offerings no bigger than the space between his eyes? You may want to try feeding more greens so he gets more internally hydrated. Curt hated greens, but he loved his mustard greens once he got a bite. If all of this is...
  8. coastergirl946

    Ifrit trying to brumate? Help me understand

    I personally will never feel stupid about asking brumation questions. Curt was suffering from calcium sand impaction complications at the same time that beardies normally brumate. We tried so hard.. vet visits, total change in husbandry so his temps/lights/food/substrate/baths were all perfect...
  9. coastergirl946

    Almost bit off finger

    If you're just trying to let him have explore time, here's what I did. I would block off all the things a beardie could get under or squeeze in between (like behind the TV, under the dresser, etc), shut the door, and let Curt explore the room. He was pretty happy with that, unless he was tired...
  10. coastergirl946

    Rate My Shopping List!

    do you have a digital thermometer with probe, and a food dish? I know it sounds ignorant of me to ask, but I thought I'd cover all your bases. ;)
  11. coastergirl946

    Bad bite on face

    I have a thought, but it's worth sharing.. have you thought about bumping up her vitamin dustings so maybe it will help heal it naturally a bit faster? I'm at a loss as to what to tell you otherwise. She is a cutie, btw. <3
  12. coastergirl946

    Horrible Conditions at Animal House Pet Shop, Marshfield, WI

    That's abuse and neglect. You need to notify the authorities immediately.
  13. coastergirl946

    Scarlet threw up today.. advise please

    Do you have any acidophiliz+? It's a reptile digestive aid.. it will help her tummy, especially if it hurts from getting sick. You may also want to syringe feed her some water or Pedialyte to help her get rehydrated.
  14. coastergirl946

    at a loss, Mojo refusing crix

    I'd be calling and calling until they finally picked up! I've pulled a few cricket legs off in my time, when some jumped so high that they jumped out of the tank. I'm not squeamish, lol.
  15. coastergirl946

    beardie isnt growing

    His basking spot needs to be at 110 degrees and the cool side of the tank needs to be around 85. He also should not be eating large crickets at that age.. switch to the smallest ones you can get. The food you are offering should be no larger than the space between his eyes.. he can choke, or he...
  16. coastergirl946

    lay/walk weird... opinions?

    I was going to say, he looks really alert and healthy (not to mention cute!! :mrgreen: ) for having a handicap. Kudos to you for taking such good care of him.. more pet owners should have your patience and understanding. Maybe reduce some of the furniture in his viv so he doesn't have so much...
  17. coastergirl946

    Small vent--why buy any animal if no money for a vet?

    I personally get infuriated when I see someone on here that has a sick or injured beardie, and say they have no money for a vet. If you have a broken arm or a mouth infection, wouldn't you want to see a doctor and get medicine? If it was your cat or dog, would it be more important than if it is...
  18. coastergirl946

    Beardie ate Lightning bug

    I have been following this thread from the beginning. I am ecstatic to see that she's made it and is showing wonderful signs of improvement. :D
  19. coastergirl946

    Reptiles stolen from lodi store

    :shock: instead of doing research to get a healthy beardie, why don't we just start stealing them from pet shops .... geez I live in a remote area of southwestern ohio and even I know a local breeder 6 miles away.. :roll: wow
  20. coastergirl946

    bearded dragon turning orange

    Curt was usually a dull green. When I took him out to explore or gave him cuddles, he'd turn yellow and have orange and purple on his back. He was a gorgeous little boy. I miss him. Could you possibly provide us with photos? We love beardie photos here.. this will also determine if he is...
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