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    Because I got High

    Seeing him like this, that song popped into my head!
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    I'm a grumpy shedding Beardie today

    This was last week, I'm no expert but leaning towards a Rocky rather than a Roxy
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    I'm a grumpy shedding Beardie today

    And another bout of Shedding about to start. He is a cute lad
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    Getting my side eye on

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    Enjoying his new platform

    I bought a bigger platform for him the other day as an extra climbing option and to give a few more basking options. Got my 1st funny of him since getting him, must be giving himself leg day!
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    Settling in well

    UVB Tube is across the top of the Viv and 11.5" from his basking area. I'll look at those tubes suggested. The EXO Terra one pictured came with reccomendations here in The UK for it's high UVB output. However if that's no good I'll order one of the alternatives. I was expecting some stress in...
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    Settling in well

    Using Exo Terra Reptile UVB 150 and an EXO Terra Basking Spot Lamp, temps all fine. UVB is across the basking area with the Arcadia reflector clamp. I was tempted to see if sprinkling Bee Pollen would also help. I had bought small locusts but he seems to much prefer Crickets so will mix them...
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    Settling in well

    Seems to be settling in well to his new home wish he'd eat his Greens rather than poop in them though!
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