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  1. Beardednoob

    Where is the best place to pet a Beardie?

    I have never personally had any issues with petting over the parietal eye of any of my dragons. But, again to each their own. Michael
  2. Beardednoob

    Trouble sleeping at night.

    Can you please provide a picture and details of your dragons enclosure?
  3. Beardednoob


    The ReptiSun 150 UVB bulb 26 watt is a coil bulb. (For Drache613) I must also applaud wholeheartedly at your details including dates and weights.. really great job! Was the blood a bright red or a dark red (blackish)?
  4. Beardednoob

    Where is the best place to pet a Beardie?

    Most of mine enjoy the top of their snout to be rubbed gently but, then again all my dragons just adore most attention they receive in this form. Thor is my only picky guy, he likes the snout rub still but, the only other place I can pet him without him freaking out is just under the ridge on...
  5. Beardednoob

    RIP Des

    This never gets easier. My first dragon, always loved people, always loved to be held and handled. What a great dragon you are. I will always remember you, I will always love you Des. I am not fond of goodbyes so I will see you soon..
  6. Beardednoob

    Good bearded dragon book?

    Well said! :wink:
  7. Beardednoob

    Adult Bearded Dragon Attacked By Ferret Scroll down and look for "Serrapeptase" My recommendation is to bring the dragon to a vet..
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    Fish tank sealant should work and is what is used already ..;pgid=0Xt4UT_GpRhSRpghSgUCkTqf0000F26NPmQc;sid=EtcMjHXiCqsPjCG1CY5NiEXoV6tbnjCeRcXebzPZ?_t=pfm%3Dcategory Or something...
  9. Beardednoob

    Reptisun 5.0 or 10.0?

    The recommended UVB setup for a bearded dragon is a 10.0 linear tube
  10. Beardednoob

    Reptisun 5.0 or 10.0?

    10.0 is what is recommended for bearded dragons.. is it a linear tube or coil?
  11. Beardednoob


    I read through this post, is there an update on him?
  12. Beardednoob

    Thor w/Pictures

    Thank you both for taking the time to comment, I really appreciate it. :D 8 months and 20 inches! Sounds like someone is growing very quickly :wink: It is nice to come around here and there Esther.. I will be trying to stick around for a while this time 8)
  13. Beardednoob

    Thor w/Pictures

    I know when I was active before Thor had quite the following. His thread was fairly long. So I decided to make a new one and just show some pictures, share a little bit of info and yeah.. He is fully an adult now and measures 23 inches from nose to tail tip, weighing in at 722 grams...
  14. Beardednoob

    possible MDB

    All are great steps! Please keep us noted as to any changes, I hope they all to be of a positive nature. :D It is also great to hear the good results of the blood work.
  15. Beardednoob

    Help! something lodged in beardies throat!

    Here is the log project link.. viewtopic.php?f=75&t=156382&p=1258382#p1258382
  16. Beardednoob

    Help! something lodged in beardies throat!

    I put up a tutorial on covering the log with repti-carpet and yes there is a way to open their mouths without hurting them, so long as they do not struggle. It still takes finesse but, I believe I have a video of that as well.. let me get the links for you.
  17. Beardednoob

    Swollen beard

    How old is the UVB source? What salad items is he eating? How long have you had him? If he is an adult (1.5 years old plus), I would cut his calcium intake down to 2-3 times a week. He should also receive a multivitamin supplement for reptiles 1-2 times a week.
  18. Beardednoob

    Possible impaction

    I would definitely continue to bathe. It won't hurt to do another couple drops of oil tomorrow. Has the enclosure been addressed fully? Can you show a picture of the setup please?
  19. Beardednoob

    bearded dragon is black everywhere!

    All are great questions.. update please
  20. Beardednoob

    Help! something lodged in beardies throat!

    The hide.. does it look like.. ?? If so you can take a knife or something and actually scrape off all the bark. I did this with mine as I didn't like the bark pieces sitting in the enclosures. Just be careful, do not hurt yourself. :D
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