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  1. Bonzo

    Elmer is 10 1/2 years old!

    Hello Elmer!!!
  2. Bonzo

    UV Light questions- Arcadia or reptisun?

    If the box has Zoo Med Labs ReptiSun T5 10.0 on it, you have a good product. Those tubes and a Zoo Med ReptiSun 24" fixture will serve your beardie. The 2 pack of tubes and 2 pack of basking bulbs should help you keep spares on hand. If the tube covers two thirds of the enclosure which also has...
  3. Bonzo

    lighting schedule/timer

    She gets up before I wake up. Yes, the timer helps, and allows you the freedom to sleep, or be somewhere else.
  4. Bonzo

    Feeling Defeated - Not interested in salad

    It's time for Baby Arugula and collared greens, mustard greens, turnip greens. Start with baby arugula.
  5. Bonzo

    Beardie Supplies Online

    How about sharing some good online store experiences/ recommendation(s). Anyone? My experiences have been very positive from these: 1. Pangea Reptile (lighting fixture with included 5.0 22" tube) 2. Amazon (multiple Reptisun 10.0/ 22" tubes)
  6. Bonzo

    Rocky is a 1 year old!!

    That is great news! Any recent photos? We want more upbeat threads/ posts on this site.
  7. Bonzo


    Theory: "This too shall pass."
  8. Bonzo

    Sticky thermometers a no go but…

    That's a funny Beardie!
  9. Bonzo

    Feeding Veggies to a 3 months old

    Yeah, every day and misting them often keeps them fresher, and able to transfer more water to your Beardie's system. We have baby arugula and collard greens in the bowl for chewing, lately. Multivitamin powder on the greens is a good thought.
  10. Bonzo

    How long do Beardies live?

    Some sites list 5 years or more, and others up to 15. No two sources seem to agree.
  11. Bonzo

    Growing so fast 🥹🥹🥹

    Outstanding work! Our Gotcha Day was one week ago. Indy is still about 8-8 1/2 inches. When Size 10 happens, that will be great. :D I'll plan a weight check in grams, tomorrow. Still not sure what container to use for that to keep her still.
  12. Bonzo

    Beardie has Arrived!

    We switched to crickets on Day 2, and will have some dubias shipped, soon. Thanks to everyone that has posted so far!
  13. Bonzo

    Smaller Tank for a Beardie?

    If made of glass, a 40 gal. (or larger) is a fairly typical recommendation for a baby, or juvenile. The plan here is to store a 4x2x2 such as a Zen brand at a friend's big closet, and transfer before age 12 months from the current 40 gal. 'home.' A small baby, or BD that is a few months old is...
  14. Bonzo

    Beardie has Arrived!

    He (or she) is 8 inches, and was the biggest, heartiest looking BD for sale. I'll post a photo from bathtime, soon. Has anyone else adopted, found a Bearded Dragon, recently? As far as diet, we bought meal worms at a store since they were recommended, and will switch to crickets as primary...
  15. Bonzo

    Poop Smells Bad

    That's a common, or normal stench.
  16. Bonzo

    Update on my buddy :)

    Are you giving them regular baths, and stroking/ petting during bathtime?
  17. Bonzo

    Humbaba had an Eventful Bath

    Bath time with some petting or rubbing can help keep them regular.
  18. Bonzo

    What other pets do y’all own?

    The other companion is a Green Cheek Conure named Kona. She can say her name. The females do not "speak" words as much as the males. I bonded with her first before she was weaned, and she was already hand tamed by the staff. So, I paid the cost, and took her home after weaning about age 10...
  19. Bonzo

    Say Hello to Humbaba!

    What a dude! That name is unique, too.
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