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  1. Katiema10

    Doesn't like dubias?

  2. Katiema10

    Doesn't like dubias?

    My silkie refuses to eat dubias. Crickets she'll eat all day long, but she doesn't want the dubias. And that's what the other two eat. And they're better for her anyway. Any ideas on how to entice her?
  3. Katiema10

    Dubia roach question

    I'd say use them until they run out and then don't even worry about getting more. Roaches get all the moisture and food they need from the vegetables you feed your beardie. Just throw them the scraps like a compost pile and they'll be fine. Chow and crystals are just extra money to spend. :)
  4. Katiema10

    CHE Bulbs

    Just use the CHE, because it will give off only heat. The lights will disturb them. :)
  5. Katiema10

    Max and Fiona

    Babies are to be fed 80% proteins and 20% veggies. When they mature, they are flip-flopped. 80% veggies and 20% proteins. So they should only be given insects/protein a couple times a week. Some people even do once a week or every other week. But, fresh veggies should be provided daily. Hope...
  6. Katiema10

    just has no appetite

    Try feeding him in a separate area. We feed our girl in a plastic tub, because she won't eat in her tank.
  7. Katiema10

    CHE Bulbs

    Yes, get them the CHE's if it's getting that cold in their tanks and just leave it running all the time. They'll need the heat. It won't bother them.
  8. Katiema10

    "BroccoLeaf" safe for beardies?

    That's weird. Maybe just slow down on them then? After you see him eat some greens, then offer the meats?
  9. Katiema10

    "BroccoLeaf" safe for beardies?

    And he's never liked veggies? Our three year old won't touch his veggies unless I give him no choice. Try taking the meat option away for a day and see if he'll go for the salad when he gets hungry.
  10. Katiema10

    "BroccoLeaf" safe for beardies?

    How old is he?
  11. Katiema10

    "BroccoLeaf" safe for beardies?

    Try to color it up with some bell peppers. That tends to get their attention.
  12. Katiema10

    "BroccoLeaf" safe for beardies?

    Hey, just wanted to let you know that kale binds calcium and shouldn't be fed to them if you want them to keep the calcium you are giving them. :) As far as broccoleaf, it's just the leaf version of broccoli. It has all the same components.
  13. Katiema10

    The Babes <3

    November- (first black beard!) (Can't wait to see what this shed brings! ) (Ivy)
  14. Katiema10

    Dorito's Thread

    Oh my gosh. He's gorgeous! :D I would steal him in a heartbeat. ;)
  15. Katiema10

    morph- question

    So, I think a lot of people confuse color for morph, so ill clear it up for you if that's the case. :) She is a visible hypo. That's her morph. As she grows, she will continue to be just a hypo. Her color phase will change, but her morph will remain the same. The only thing that her parents...
  16. Katiema10

    Cricket help

    Explain to her that even if they get out, they can't survive. Or is she paranoid about something else?
  17. Katiema10

    MBD? Beardie can barely walk, not eating.

    He looks the same way ours did, minus the throat. Is he just flaring or is his beard stuck that way? It's good he ate some, though. That will help. And is he usually walking on his wrists?
  18. Katiema10

    Sleeps for days?

    Sounds like brumation. Some dragons brumate like that. :)
  19. Katiema10

    Is my beardie actually 4 months old? Pic included.

    viewtopic.php?f=30&t=220018 Rocket is also a big boy at five months. If you want to see his growth click on that link. Maybe having another dragon to compare to will help. :) he's the length of my boyfriend's forearm. O.o
  20. Katiema10

    MBD? Beardie can barely walk, not eating.

    You should be able to find either bulb at a pet store or possibly a place like Wal-Mart. You could find them online, too. The reptisun is long and powerful, so it will give uvb to every part of the tank, and the mercury vapor is extremely powerful and gives off a ton of uvb. It's recommended for...
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