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  1. PyroDroidS

    Buy feeders with Amazon

    Does anybody know of any feeder sites that use Amazon Checkout? I have $62 gift card balance on my Amazon that I don't have a use for, I'd really like to use it to get some feeders, Dubia or Superworms. :blob5:
  2. PyroDroidS

    Best place to buy Superworms?

    I would like to get some Super worms for my Beardies and Monitors and am looking for the best and cheapest place to get some. Best price I've found so far is from, 1000 baby and 1000 large, Shipped to me for $45.50. Is a reputable...
  3. PyroDroidS

    Bulbs and Such

    Why are soft whites bad? I have one in right now which I'll get changed, Just curious why they are bad :P
  4. PyroDroidS

    Hi there!

    Howdy, I just got my first bearded dragon, got him off craigslist, The people who had him previously found him running in the middle of a street and rescued him, They had him for about 9 months. When I got him he was in a 40gallon tank with sand and a heat light, they kept the tank around...
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