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  1. EmilyRussom

    Tikvah the Dragon has passed away.

    Last night, we came home to see serum and blood coming out of Tiki. We rushed her to the vet where he diagnosed Coccidia. We have take her to several wellness visits before and they never caught this. The Vet said that a very well cared for and fed dragon will not show signs until it is to...
  2. EmilyRussom

    Does anyone have any tips for squash preparation?

    A cheese grater is your best friend :)
  3. EmilyRussom

    Lysol Disinfectent Wipes

    I uses wipes on Tiki's house. A few members on here do as well, which is where I got the idea. I let her play about 20-30 minutes while it dries, and then just put her stuff back in!
  4. EmilyRussom

    Pablo --- 1-1-12

    Yay Pablo!!! He can be big AND healthy!
  5. EmilyRussom

    ♥ Mushu The Magnificent ♥ *UPDATED 11/13*

    Awww! Green is a good colour for Mushu - it compliments his scales well ;)
  6. EmilyRussom

    Rory, Bevo, Cash, Sasparilla and Peach....Updated 11/15

    CASH IS HERE CASH IS HERE! Hello little Cash --- Please, teach Cash to sing, "Ring of Fire" - that would be awesome. Or at least to play the guitar. Peach - I know you have as much attitude as always, you're gorgeous. Bevo - you are hefty and I love it. You have a ton of personality. Rory...
  7. EmilyRussom

    question about my beardie

    #1: My dragon will "yawn" in the morning - big, gaping open mouth, and puff. It's her morning routine, and she only does it in the morning - kind of like her stretches.... #2: However, I know NOTHING about your setup. How's your lighting, heating, substrate, feeding, etc... How old is the...
  8. EmilyRussom


    I hate humidity - a lot. You can try one of those funny little coiled light bulbs in addition to your dragons other lights. It doesn't have a TON of heat, so it won't skyrocket the temperature, but enough to where it'll dry out an environment. You can try heat or air conditioning too -...
  9. EmilyRussom

    "Lethargic" Beardie

    Great bulb! He was just soaking up the UVB ;) So no need to worry.
  10. EmilyRussom

    ♥ Mushu The Magnificent ♥ *UPDATED 11/13*

    MUSHU! Oh you are darling and precious all rolled into one! I can't wait to learn more about you! Don't poop on Mom, ok?
  11. EmilyRussom

    "Lethargic" Beardie

    Don't worry about the dark colours :) Should you have the proper UVB setup, when a dragon needs to absorb more UVB rays, their skin will change colours to be much darker to absorb them. Think of it as you being outside on a super hot day. Would you rather wear white or black? Being human...
  12. EmilyRussom

    "Lethargic" Beardie

    No need to move to Health - trust me. So I walk by Tiki's house and she's flat. Head down, pathetic, barely moving, eyes half open. Kind of freaked me out, so I got her out. THE SECOND she got out, she was super tall and proud dragon, bright open eyes, running and scampering and licking...
  13. EmilyRussom

    Moon Light vs Heat Mat

    They're awesome, I just got a CHE for Tikster last week. Fits in just about any dome and is perfect for keeping her temps in the mid 70's or so overnight :)
  14. EmilyRussom

    Favorite "salad" mixes?

    There was a post on here a while back saying that Vitamin A Toxicity cannot come from plant sources. It's just that carrots don't provide a lot of calcium. So, when taking mustard greens and mixing up a bit of carrot and spaghetti squash, Tiki goes banana sandwich. One day we got her out of...
  15. EmilyRussom

    Cupid Cuteness new pics 4/10

    Such a good girl, Cupid! Way to snuggle!
  16. EmilyRussom

    beardie cling

    Agreed one million percent. Tiki would snuggle ALL DAY if I let her - and if it's not snuggling, then she wants to run around the house like an Olympic sprinter.
  17. EmilyRussom

    Nikka's World (new fresh pics jan24!)

    Feel better Nikko! Love the new pictures - just stunning!
  18. EmilyRussom

    Three eyed Silkie

    I'm getting in on the action because I too would love to see pics of this amazing creature!
  19. EmilyRussom

    A heating pad

    Thanks Gail :) Tiki seemed VERY content - I think we found her new blankie.
  20. EmilyRussom

    A heating pad

    Morning :) Our high today is 55*. We still wanted to take out little girl and give her a snuggle, and playtime and whatnot. But it was a bit chilly in the house, so we found the heating pad, set it on low and plopped her on it. It's got a cover on it that feels like fleece. IMMEDIATELY -...
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