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  1. Asper

    Can I use a chlorhexidine 2% solution to clean my beardie's teeth?

    $20 for a gallon that will last years is so much cheaper than like $12 + shipping for an 8 Oz bottle
  2. Asper

    Can I use a chlorhexidine 2% solution to clean my beardie's teeth?

    My bearded dragon has stage 1 periodontal disease so I use this on her teeth 2 times a week (if she eats soft food I clean her teeth immediately after regardless of day). Dilute it by half and monitor with a vet, it is safe to use orally and also good to use to help with shedding as well as any...
  3. Asper


    Today, Harry accepted some vacuum sealed as well as some canned grasshoppers and dubia roaches. Even if she never moves onto eating living bugs, this is a huge step forward and i am incredibly proud of her ♡
  4. Asper

    Her christmas sweater and igloo ♡

    She has only gotten more spoiled 🤣
  5. Asper

    Her christmas sweater and igloo ♡

  6. Asper

    Snuggle time!

    Little baby has the most perfect little smile, look at those chompers !! 🥺 so adorable, thank you for sharing the cuteness with us alla
  7. Asper

    Her desert habitat is almost complete !

    Lmaoo, she likes her rocks to sleep on, she also likes to lick them so that’s why I keep ‘em in there for her
  8. Asper

    Her desert habitat is almost complete !

    All that’s left to do is get a new / longer uvb tube and get a tan colored hammock to fit the rest of her terrarium !! YAYYYY !! (She actually uses the hammock as a way to hide under the basking light rather than going on top of it to bask, that’s why it’s placed a bit high up 😊)
  9. Asper

    Should I transition a senior beardie to live bugs ?

    Harry is definitely around the age of a senior beardie and her entire life has grown accustomed to eating dried bugs. I know this isn’t the healthiest option and I was told that she ignores bugs and won’t eat them if they’re moving. She lets them sit on her head. I want to start feeding her...
  10. Asper

    Please vote for rango

    Gave the little mister 10 votes !!! Let’s go Rango, you can win it !!
  11. Asper

    Weird scales around mouth

    I agree with AHBD, definitely a shed. Depending on a beardies age sometimes it takes longer for them to shed and they shed in patches rather than full body. My senior girl took about 2 months to shed fully ☺️
  12. Asper

    Harry Says…

    Make sure you brush our teeth 2x a week ! Beardie’s need healthy chompers to eat lots of yummy food !
  13. Asper

    Bearded dragon lip discoloration

    Harry says thank you and that she’s definitely model material
  14. Asper

    Bearded dragon lip discoloration

    Thank you so much !!
  15. Asper

    Bearded dragon lip discoloration

    Hey so, Harry’s lips look like this and have for a while (unsure of how long actually, it could’ve always been that way ) just wanted to know if it’s normal ! Here is a picture of the internal and external, it doesn’t go inside the mouth at all (the brown in the right corner is a piece of bug...
  16. Asper

    Beardie Diet Change - Up

    Thank you so so much !! She is currently eating a mix of collard greens, mustard greens, kale, and on occasion some celery leaves. I’ll definitely try and give her a few more fruits since she only gets them once as week as of current. And I’ve started to use squash ! Do you know if the stringy...
  17. Asper

    Exhaling and breathing hard!

    Some questions: Did this occur after eating ? Has he had a bath recently ? How do you give him water ? (Spray bottle, eye dropper etc) What is your tank humidity or the humidity of where you live ? How often is the tank cleaned ? Is there anything new in his tank that may have stressed him...
  18. Asper

    Periodontal Disease Tips ?

    Okay awesome !! I will try that if it doesn’t have any significant improvement 😁
  19. Asper

    Periodontal Disease Tips ?

    It’s working pretty well and slowly improving over the past couple of weeks. No change in appetite, still a healthy eater. And no mouth rot ! 🙂
  20. Asper

    Tail rot or normal ?

    It’s no worries at all, when I first got my beardie I was anxious about everything, but she’s all happy and healthy now. If there is any other concerns you have later on, I promise they are not silly and are completely valid, the entire community here is understanding and helpful ! 🙂 Even...
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