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  1. dale14

    black beard

    can bearded dragons that are about a month or two old show off a black beard?
  2. dale14

    Had To Share(PICS)

    LOL Amazing the way these guys will sleep sometimes
  3. dale14

    Sir Osbourne

    Thats one nice looking baby! :wink:
  4. dale14

    need some advice

    thats strange, girl beardies don't do head bobs they do something like a push up.
  5. dale14

    food chart

    thanks that chart really helped
  6. dale14

    food chart

    I was wondering if this food schedual was ok for my bearded dragon. I give him romain lettuce with carrots and meal worms everyday and about 12 crickets once a weak.
  7. dale14

    Dragon gets Dark when picked up

    his beard turning black could also mean that he doesn't really trust you much so what you should do is interact with him more, hold him, pet him, and maybe just let him fall asleep in your hand,he will trust you more and will not turn black when you try and hold him, and also another way that...
  8. dale14

    Sleeping Formation

    they could be set up or not but those beardies look really good! :D
  9. dale14

    crickets keep dying!!

    thanks that helps a lot
  10. dale14

    crickets keep dying!!

    ok so this has been happening to me every time I buy crickets. I bring them home, put them in this little container I have for them. Then i put some of this jelly stuff for crickets that gives them calcium, but next i see them and half of them are dead! how do i manage to keep the crickets alive...
  11. dale14

    babies together

    I was planning on getting another baby bearded dragon for my birthday, but would it be okay if I put both babies together?
  12. dale14

    egg laying

    How do i know when my bearded dragon will lay egg and if it does should i move her to another tank with more sand
  13. dale14

    crickets and spinach

    I have to questions about feeding. How many crickets should i feed my baby bearded dragon per day, and is it ok to feed him spinach
  14. dale14

    How do you guys do it?

    How many cricket do you guys feed ur dragon every day
  15. dale14


    Here is Mr. I'm to sexy for my spikes :D : Dale
  16. dale14

    junior and baby dale

    sure thing
  17. dale14

    Bedtime Babies

    Thats really cool! Every time I put my little guy on my bed he always try's to make a run for it :(
  18. dale14


    I'm not so sure what's so special about these dragons. I mean they aren't that big and they don't live as long. can somebody tell me why they are so great
  19. dale14

    junior and baby dale

    Hey my names junior and my little baby beardies name is dale. I'm so glad that there is a great site like this where i can ask questions and get an answer to them. NICE JOB!
  20. dale14

    Weird hand wave!

    So i was looking at my dragon, and he was looking straight at me, and i wanted to see if I could get him to wave at me so I started to wave my hand, and it was kinda working. He was lifting his hand up but then he turned his whole body around, and then just started whipping his hand back like if...
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