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  1. Theroachguy

    Dubia Colony- Am I Doing This Right?

    They are eating, with that many dubia it will be hard to tell how much they are. Just keep them warm and dark they will do the rest in time.
  2. Theroachguy

    Male Dubia

    I found some thanks again..
  3. Theroachguy

    Male Dubia

    Hey The Roach Guy here, i was looking to make a trade for 150-200 adult males. Im running a little low and would make a trade for some adult females. PM me if anyone is interested. Thanks JC
  4. Theroachguy

    Same colony going on... 2 year now?

    check male to female ratio and also for the death rate i would say at you one year mark you had tons of fresh new females giving birth to thousands of new babies which is why you were able to spilt to colony into 2. well its now a year later and thats about the life span of a dubia. also toss in...
  5. Theroachguy

    FINALLY!! & a note to anyone debating on breeding b.dubia!

    And thats what happens one day nothing the next boom you have tons. i think once you get around 100 females thats when it taks off like crazy
  6. Theroachguy

    what is your favorite Feeder worm

    super worms easy to take care of easy to breed and last forever
  7. Theroachguy

    Been a long time

    Hey everyone, been sometime since I have been up here. I see some of the same names are still here along with tons of new ones. hope everyone's having a great summer so far as I sure am. have a great weekend everyone. JC
  8. Theroachguy

    Dubia Temperature Probe

    to be honest i would say its 10+ hotter on the surface. those probes are ok but the best way to get a accurate temps is with a temp gun.... surface temps around 90-95 will be perfect for them if its a tad bit higher just make sure the can climb higher or be allowed to have a cool side
  9. Theroachguy

    What do I need for Dubia?

    good luck with the colony let us know if you need any help
  10. Theroachguy

    Are there any positives to Lobster Roaches???

    well thats about all i can come up with but they are ok to have...
  11. Theroachguy

    Are there any positives to Lobster Roaches???

    fast breeders and are soft bodied....
  12. Theroachguy

    Roach Colony

    well said Greg is 100% on this one
  13. Theroachguy

    Roach Colony

    if you dont like the way they feel on your hand you could get some laytex gloves this will take the feel the legs put off when they cling to you.
  14. Theroachguy

    Becoming attatched

    not at ll i have 20 adult females set up in my living room. its a natural looking habitat with bark and fake plants inside with a very dim light just enough to see them. i have more people interested in that setup then i do my dragons or fish tank. those guys are very interesting and are smart...
  15. Theroachguy

    SO I start with 100 long..

    if yo clean your cage check out my caresheet section, i have a great quick and easy way to do it listed up there along with picks.
  16. Theroachguy


    google it plenty of sites with pics included. i did it once and was super easy.
  17. Theroachguy

    Discoids vs Dubai

    not sure on the nutritional value but i know form doing it myself they are a little harder to get going after that they are pretty good. also they have a pretty good smell to them when disturbed for a heads up. not to strong but they will put a sent out.
  18. Theroachguy

    SO I start with 100 long..

    im with this poster lets say what you have now are adults to mid sized nymphs well once they hit adults hood they will have babies. so out of the 100 lets say 50 are females and that will give you lets say 22 for a good round number of babies times that by the 50 and that will give you 1,100 new...
  19. Theroachguy

    Advice, drinking

    i agree with this if you mist veggies and they get eaten and twice a week he gets a bath then he is getting plenty. these are desert animals where it might rain one a month. i mist veggies and bath once a week and only have one that i will see lick at the salad bowl for water. oh i also mist...
  20. Theroachguy


    i think i told you before but will again nice blog
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