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  1. duke11

    It was a great run with Duke!

    Well, this weekend I will finally be rehoming Duke, my beloved beardie for 5 years now. I got him for my 11th birthday and he has given me so much joy, but unfortunately my school life has caught up with me and I believe he deserves an owner who has more time to dedicate to him! I will never...
  2. duke11

    Advice on rehoming?

    Hello all, after much consideration I have made the decision to rehome Duke. He's been with me since I was 11 years old and I feel like I'm letting go a huge part of my life. But I can't provide for him like I used to because I have become so busy with my life, and soon I will be away at college...
  3. duke11


    You'll have to make one on photoshop or any other editing program and then upload it on your user control panel. I made my own. If you need help or don't have the right program, some people here can help you out here.
  4. duke11

    My friend Juno(Pic Heavy)

    Great pictures! Your beardie really is cute.
  5. duke11

    Huffy updated pics

    Well she's still very young, they don't really need to eat a lot of veggies until they are adults. Most babies do not eat greens. Just keep trying and she will eventually get used to them.
  6. duke11

    Huffy updated pics

    That is definitely fine, not all beardies eat that much and it's great that she's pooping regularly. It's good to start introducing her to greens early, because she will eat a lot of them later on. If she doesn't eat a lot of greens right now, it's ok, just keep trying.
  7. duke11

    My friend Juno(Pic Heavy)

    Why are you changing your lighting? The Reptisun is good.
  8. duke11

    Huffy updated pics

    No, Huffy should be fine in a large enclosure. He/she will grow into it. For your tube light, the best deal on the Reptisun 10.0 is here: They're very hard to find in stores because...
  9. duke11

    Huffy updated pics

    I looked at the picture of your tank, it's a little small (you'll need an upgrade) and I don't see any UVB. Also, your thermometers are inaccurate, I would get a temperature gun or the type of thermometer beardie parents recommended. Other than that, there isn't much else wrong with your setup...
  10. duke11

    RyansDragon with pic

    Adorable beardie and very nice enclosure :)
  11. duke11

    My friend Juno(Pic Heavy)

    Juno is very adorable, I love the first picture with the dog! Who knows why beardies tend to sleep in such odd positions :roll:
  12. duke11

    Brumation???? NEED HELP!

    Brumation can happen at any time, it doesn't have to be during the winter. He is on his lighting schedule in his enclosure, not on the exact Ohio schedule. In their natural habitat, they do not have winter. Here's a good article with some more info:
  13. duke11

    Photo Shoot With Collard Greens... LoL

    Wow, Scarlett is a pretty dragon, very vibrant colors! The collard idea is really cute. Great pictures! :D
  14. duke11

    Huffy updated pics

    Hello and welcome! Mealworms are not safe to feed, especially for babies. They have a hard chitin shell that can cause impaction. I would recommend taking Huffy off the mealworms right away and just feed crickets or soft bodied worms such as hornworms, silkworms, or butterworms. What kind of...
  15. duke11

    very first beardy - advice please!

    Welcome to! Congrats on the new beardie :) It is normal for dragons to sleep in odd positions :roll: . He may have some relocation stress if he isn't eating as much, allow him to get used to his surroundings. For the water, most beardies do not know how to drink from a water dish. You...
  16. duke11


    Generally it's a good idea not to trust any pet stores, even if they are reptile stores. I did the same when I first got my beardie, and the people here helped me out quite a bit. It's definitely fine to turn off all lights and heat during the night. As long as your room temperature doesn't...
  17. duke11


    I wouldn't recommend using the heat mat at all. If you need extra heat without a light, you can use a ceramic heat emitter. When the beardies get older, they may each need their own viv because they can grow to be up to 24 inches long. Also, make sure your UVB bulb is a Reptisun 10.0 tube bulb...
  18. duke11


    Great to hear she's doing better! I'd love to see pictures, she sounds adorable :D
  19. duke11

    Dragon Leap!

    Aw, this video is so cute, thanks for sharing! I love how he brings his legs up and hesitates like he's scared or something :) He is a very large dragon too.
  20. duke11

    Which one to buy? Red vs Normal morph

    Not sure if it's a full on red morph, but it is at least half of something colorful. He/she reminds me of my dragon Duke, who looks almost the same except a little bit duller. My beardie has the reddish spots on his back like yours, and his ears are also very orange like yours. He/she will grow...
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