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    New bearded dragon

    Definitely Webe Reptiles:
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    Name Ideas for baby bearded dragon

    I actually named my first baby beardie Lincoln, after Abraham Lincoln because of his beard haha. I also named another of my babies Ari, short for Aristotle. For boys, just think of people with beards! Greek Gods' names for girls is also pretty cool.
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    Atlas dragons

    Awesome, I'll follow your page!
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    Handling after 'bed' time

    I agree, it will be totally fine and she would love to cuddle. Another alternative is the route I go, I changed their light cycle to match the time I go to bed. This ensures that they are not awake without food while I am still sleeping and that I get plenty of time with them when I come home...
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    First time owner: Best place to buy a beardy?

    I bought my first beardie at Petsmart and despite what people would say about the store, I am very happy with him. He's a baby and luckily most of the people working there owned bearded dragons. The only mistake I made was purchasing calcium sand, which after doing research at home I dumped out...
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