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  1. Ruby2uesday

    55 gal???

    awwwe, yes now i remember, it's the width that was in question. well i'll keep looking then! THANKS!!!
  2. Ruby2uesday

    55 gal???

    Hi there! I know it's been awhile. My son is wanting to get a beardie now. I have a 30gl on standby for a baby but know that he'll need to go bigger quickly! I found a 55gal and the dimensions are.... 12 1/2 inches wide 4 1/4 long (ft???) she didn't say so i'm assuming. tank is 1ft 9 inches...
  3. Ruby2uesday

    Sing to beardie

    LOL I do too. whenever i come in the room i singsong/say HUUUUUUUUEEEEEGOOOOO what are you dooooooooooooo-ing My husband used to "cluck" at him till i think he realized it scared the crap outta him. Now he sings to him too. lol i think i sound better! ;)
  4. Ruby2uesday

    Zak-n-Wheezie the 2-Headed Bearded Dragon(s) RIP APR 4/16

    Enjoyed seeing Z&W sunday!!! and Barbara too of course! Y'all looked GREAT!
  5. Ruby2uesday

    Petition for petsmart and pet co!!!

    I'm in!!! i hate how the pet stores take care of their herps! Even the little one here in town ticks me off! a beardie about as long as my ring finger on sand eating some red mash looking stuff that now has the sand on it because he's tracked it onto the food. Impaction no??? grrrrrrrrrrrr My...
  6. Ruby2uesday

    Is sand safe?

    some people use the Play sand that has been washed. But the problem, other then the obvious impaction issues that COULD arise, is bacteria that is harbored in the sand from their poops. Unless you empty it out often, you'll be hard pressed to get all of the dirty sand out. And since your beardie...
  7. Ruby2uesday

    I need assistance please

    Oh why do you post these things when my will is barely strong enough to resist???? I hope you find him a wonderful home, but i wanted to suggest you might also want to try the For Free section if you are giving him away. just a thought. Good Luck!!!!!
  8. Ruby2uesday

    The Holy Buddha!

    Nice looking big guy!!! don't worry about getting your waterfall to work. it will raise the humidity in the tank to high which could cause respiritory issues.
  9. Ruby2uesday

    Please read and mail back

    both my lights are on by 7am and off by 9pm. Timers are set for both.
  10. Ruby2uesday

    Does it matter what blanket I give to my beardies?

    Vivarium or Tank or Enclosure. Not sure if there's technically a difference between the three, they are just the beadies "House".
  11. Ruby2uesday

    Post a Pic of Yourself and your Beardie =)

    I still don't have one of us together, but i thought i'd play along until i can get one. camera batter was dead till tonight and now he's sleeping. Anyway here's the getting big guy.... This is the You woke me up for this???? look And then here's me, and my man! This was at Mardi Gras ball 09
  12. Ruby2uesday

    Does it matter what blanket I give to my beardies?

    Here's Huego's Blankie. got the idea off Hopefulresearcher from here on the boards. hadn't seen him in a bit! hope all is well w/ his new 2nd beardie. And Huego was none to please that i woke up him for an impromptu photo shoot. lol
  13. Ruby2uesday

    Need a Good Turtle Care Sheet

    I have a friend who was thinking about getting he girl a turtle. I wanted to get her some good info, like i would if she was getting a beardie, but i have NOOOOOO idea. lol Can someone point me in the right direction for a good turtle care sheet, and anything else that might be needed. THANKS!!!!
  14. Ruby2uesday

    Are they breeding without my consent?

    What part of Southern LA???? We're West Cenla here! :)
  15. Ruby2uesday

    Water for a baby

    I don't worry if Huego "drinks" water orally as i've heard many times here that they actually rehydrate through their vents. Huego has drank a couple of times, but that's when i got lacks and went a couple days past his normal bath sched. But other then that, when in the bath he could care less...
  16. Ruby2uesday

    Housing two beardies together?...

    Beardies are solitary animals and after a few months old should NOT be housed together! One will always be dominant over the other causing the submissive one to not get enough food, or basking time and in the end they will end up fighting causing one to get severly hurt or killed. Also, 20 gal...
  17. Ruby2uesday

    Help: Hard Breathing Reflex

    just something i noticed in your 2nd to last post. You feed him at 9-10 at Night? when do you turn lights out? Is he getting 2 hours of basking time after eating? just wondering if he's able to digest fully and that might be an issue as well.
  18. Ruby2uesday

    What watt of basking bulb do you use?

    basking spot around 105, hot side 90 cool 80-85 (accurite digi probe thermometer)
  19. Ruby2uesday

    What watt of basking bulb do you use?

    yes, but i didn't think to mention, i live in Louisiana where in the summer it's HOOOOOOOOOOOT and humid. I don't have a fan on in this room, just the ac running and we try and keep that to a minimum (as much as we can) so his tank temps overall are good. I'm sure i'll have to up the wattage...
  20. Ruby2uesday

    My super cute Llittle Dude

    Isn't it though. i was going to say the same thing. He looks sooooo bored! LOL
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