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  1. Nasubi77

    new coming breeder just found help support him

    :wink: That's okay, as long as you no longer think that I'm the dumb one. :lol:
  2. Nasubi77

    new coming breeder just found help support him

    This. Also, *headdesk* That is all.
  3. Nasubi77

    new coming breeder just found help support him

    I would recommend that the site owner get someone to proof-read his whole site, especially the Dragon Care section. There are a LOT of misspelled words, incomplete sentences, awkward wordings and grammatical errors in general. As a consumer, it's hard to take a business seriously when its...
  4. Nasubi77

    Great enclosures for cheap in the Cedar Rapids Iowa area

    Here's one. Here's another. None of these ever comes up within driving distance from me, but I think they would make a fabulous enclosure!
  5. Nasubi77

    I don't know what to do.

    I just wanted to say that a lot of times with a rescue or recovery effort, it is two stesp forward, one step back. Don't get discouraged when he doesn't seem to be improving or even if things seem worse for a period. In a matter of a few days, he may be as good or even better than he ever was...
  6. Nasubi77

    Vacation UVB Help?????

    He'll be okay without UVB for that short period of time. I would leave it behind for sake of packing light if nothing else. I would also suggest a sterilite bin to house him in for those few days. They are cheaper and bigger than a 10g and lighter to carry around. You could pack other stuff...
  7. Nasubi77

    Help! My Bearded Dragon Questions

    Oh, so it was accidental? He'll be fine..I just wondered why he would want to eat it, but since it was unintentional, then I guess there's no issue. It's best to clean the feces as soon as they happen, though. I know you can't be there every second to do that, but at least clean them up...
  8. Nasubi77

    Help! My Bearded Dragon Questions

    He'll probably be okay but that's not really normal. Are you feeding him bugs and greens every day now? And letting him eat as much as he wants every day?
  9. Nasubi77

    Female sleeping UNDER sand

    Yay! I'm sure you will see quick improvement in both her health and attitude!
  10. Nasubi77

    Female sleeping UNDER sand

    Everything you have described - the lack of eating, the lack of basking, the hiding under the sand - can be attributed to the fact that she is overwhelmed by her cage mates. Even if they don't fight, she is definitely feeling the stress at having to share her home with them. If you don't...
  11. Nasubi77

    Help! My Bearded Dragon Questions

    I noticed one thing that I don't think anyone mentioned yet. You should have your UVB on the same side as your basking light. One reason, so he can soak up the UVB rays as he basks, and another reasons is because the basking light protects his eyes from the UVB rays by constricting his pupils...
  12. Nasubi77

    Anyone near Rochester NY need a viv?

    This cabinet looks like it has great potential as a beardie viv! Possibly even a stacked double viv. The auction ends today and it's only at $25. Display cabinet These kind of auctions are never geographically close to me! :evil:
  13. Nasubi77

    Help Ollie!!!!!! DO OR DIE!!!!

    Hi! You must be from Y!A. Glad to see you signed up for this forum. How is Ollie doing today?
  14. Nasubi77

    Only eating 1 cricket per feed.. **Update

    Sorry, but the Reptiglo is not the same as the Reptisun. It might be sure your beardie can't get any closer than 10-12" and make sure you are using a bright white basking light to protect his eyes. If he starts showing any signs of eye trouble at all, i.e. keeping his eyes closed a...
  15. Nasubi77

    i need a complete list of everything ill need for a beardie.

    Oh, I misunderstood. In that case, you can get a 24, 36 or 48" fixture at Wal Mart. In the fluorescent bulb section, they have the fixtures that are meant to mount under cabinets. I'd go ahead and get the 36" because you can use it in the bigger tank as well. It's around $10.
  16. Nasubi77

    i need a complete list of everything ill need for a beardie.

    No, that is not a good bulb to use. The compact UVB bulbs have been known to cause health and eye problems in beardies. Also, they simply do not emit enough UVB to be effective. The only good quality UVB is the Reptisun 10.0 fluorescent tube. You probably won't find it in a pet store, and...
  17. Nasubi77

    HEEELLLPPPPP please - kinda newbie

    I say it sounds like he is just spoiled! :lol: He likes to get out of his viv, and he knows you'll do it if he flashes his stress lines! As long as he is eating, pooping and gaining weight, I don't think there's anything to worry about.
  18. Nasubi77


    Unfortunately, most of the people who post the Free beardies are also new members so I don't know if they even think to pause when someone with a low post count asks for their beardie. I posted one for Free for someone I met on Craigslist and the only responder was someone who only had a...
  19. Nasubi77

    Two questions

    Do you mean his UVB? Yes, he'll be fine for a couple weeks without it. If he hides from it, I would suggest to turn it off. What brand and type is it (Reptisun, Reptiglo, tube or compact coil). Hiding from the UVB is a sign of a bad quality bulb so when you replace it, be sure to get the...
  20. Nasubi77

    Easy Breeder Feeders?

    There's nothing easier than dubias. You're going about it all wrong. Don't tell them you are keeping "roaches". Tell them you are keeping "tropical beetles". :twisted:
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