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  1. B1ackfire

    K2's eye

  2. B1ackfire

    K2's eye

    I am useing the reptisun 10 tube inside the tank that is 18 inches tall. He can get within 6inches of the bulb. I have have duck brand shelf liner for substrate.
  3. B1ackfire

    K2's eye

    K2's eye seems to be closeing whenever he is not being held or fed. When he closes his eye it turns a blueish color.This has been going on for about month and it did not not get better after he shed. When we mist his eye it seems to get a bit better but not much. Why is this happening?
  4. B1ackfire

    hemi penis or that area question

    That's my birthday too! :lol:
  5. B1ackfire

    Studly Dudley! ♥ *Massive Picture Overload 7/30*

    Is your cough gone? :?
  6. B1ackfire

    How many babies can comfotable fit in this?

    Make sure to poke holes just in case
  7. B1ackfire

    Anything funny that your beardie does.

    :lol: Love the one the steering wheel!
  8. B1ackfire

    Loki Meets the Cat

    Do you have a video camera to post it?I really want to see this. :D
  9. B1ackfire

    2 questions

    Thanks just finished getting all the sticks for the ladder.
  10. B1ackfire

    2 questions

  11. B1ackfire

    2 questions

    I decided to get this hood I alsofound a flood light for basking and a clip-on lamp(pics in a few minutes). I am makeing a ladder out of sticks to lean on the side wall for climbing(I am going to bake them in...
  12. B1ackfire

    Sudden Blindness in My Beardie

    What you UVB bulb do you have?
  13. B1ackfire

    2 questions

  14. B1ackfire

    2 questions

    Then how should I put friction on a board? And what is a cool light?
  15. B1ackfire

    2 questions

    Its a 22 gallon tank. The board is made out of elmers wood glue wood and carpet. Im going to use news paper for substrate. I am what to go to the pet store to get thermometers and lights.
  16. B1ackfire

    2 questions

  17. B1ackfire

    2 questions

    I wanted to cover a cheerios box his habitat in duct tape for decoration and I am planning to get him from the pet store a few days before I go on vaction for four days. I can also put the lights on a timer when I go away.
  18. B1ackfire

    2 questions

    Is duct tape safe for beardies? How long will a baby beardie survive with out food or water?
  19. B1ackfire

    LOL! Beaux is so funny!

    LOL Love the all covered up pic
  20. B1ackfire

    "Dragon walk"

    will any type of carpet work for this?
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