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  1. steph2one11

    Looking for a Thermostat/Controller for my CHE

    zoo med reptitemp thermostat.... they are cheaper on amazon. heres a link.
  2. steph2one11


    Where is a good place to get cheap silkworms, I'm having trouble finding any sites besides mulberry farms and lindasgonebuggie, id like to try somewhere new. Thank you.
  3. steph2one11

    So I decided to build my future bearded dragon a false rock

    WOW! Those look amazinggggggg!
  4. steph2one11

    are you near me?

    Hello everybody... I was just wondering if any one on here was also from Massachusetts, and if so where... I'm always interested in finding out if people own beardies around me, I feel like no one in winchendon, MA owns beardoes except me :lol:
  5. steph2one11

    Dubia MEGACOLONY-fair price?

    I would offer at least 40 - 60..... To resell them I would do 50 cents or lower per adult female, some places do adult males for free so that's up to you, then I would do... smalls 1/4" - 1/2", 50 for $5, 100 for $10, 200 for $15, 300 for $20, etc, then mediums 5/8" - 7/8", 50 for $10, 100 for...
  6. steph2one11

    Dubia MEGACOLONY-fair price?

    I would offer 30... If you don't need that many dubia, which you probably do since you want to buy it, but if you don't, I need some really bad like I'm in desperate need but cant find any at a good price, I could paypal you half of what you pay him and you can give me what you don't need. If...
  7. steph2one11

    Dubia Roaches for sale in MA?

    I don't know where they are, but I'm also looking for roaches in MA, I'm in winchendon.
  8. steph2one11

    Replacement for crickets

    Dubia roaches they are the best.
  9. steph2one11

    Crocheted Retile Leash and harness?

    Hmmm I shall have to make my beardies some blankets then haha :D
  10. steph2one11

    females and egg laying.

    I just got my female bearded dragon about a month ago, she is five months old on the 6th of January. i was just thinking at some point she will start laying eggs. I want to know every thing there is about bearded dragons laying eggs. thank you, steph :)
  11. steph2one11

    Crocheted Retile Leash and harness?

    I don't know how to crochet one but I think that would be difficult to get on and off your beardie as there scaly spiky skin would stick to the yarn or string.
  12. steph2one11

    Bearded dragon "puberty"

    Most likely you will have to separate the tank, they may have been fine when they were younger but now since they are getting older they are going to be more territorial and need there own space.
  13. steph2one11

    head bobbing for hours why?

    So today during Christmas lunch I had both my beardies in there separate feedings bins ( 4 month old girl) and (1 year old male) well what I thought would never happen, happend.. they both managed to get out of there feeding bins at the same time, the male clearded a foot and a half jump and...
  14. steph2one11

    How to Really Annoy a Bearded Dragon

    That's so funny :lol:
  15. steph2one11

    FYI....Debris In Beardie's Vivs....

    Reading this now worries me, I have cleaned multiple pieces of hair out of my beardies viv along with pulling a strand of hair out of my beardies mouth a couple of hours ago. This has me thinking that what if this is why my beardie hasn't pooped in 2 weeks, and as been eating less and less :(
  16. steph2one11

    2 dragons 1 poops none other diarrhea

    I use calcium powder for Eelix older one 2 times a week and for the younger one once a day
  17. steph2one11

    2 dragons 1 poops none other diarrhea

    Okay so I have two bearded dragon my first dragon eelix is a year old. His setup is a 50 gallon tank, uvb reptisun 10.0 and two heat lamps on hot side its 110º and cool side is 80º his substrate is thick paper, baths every other day. QUESTION: He barely eats any more and he hasnt pooped in at...
  18. steph2one11

    How long can I leave my dubia colony?

    Okay I'm sorry I wasn't much help
  19. steph2one11

    How long can I leave my dubia colony?

    I have a lot of water crystals, they are pretty good they last at least three days then they shrink but they don't dry out for maybe a week or so,,, I still have about 6 oz of dry water crystals I could sell you an ounce or two if you want. :D
  20. steph2one11

    What is the best place to get the cheapest dubias? is the cheapest but they are letting there colonies rebuild over the winter. is pretty cheap too. I hope I helped :)
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