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  1. Mistyck

    Morph and Color of my Beardie

    Sellers can call colors whatever they want. So to him/her it probably is sold as a Super Citrus. If I bred dragons and wanted to call them super silly rainbow pink, then I could. It's all a matter of the sellers perspective.
  2. Mistyck

    Morph and Color of my Beardie

    She is not a hypo, she has a black line going through her nails. And the only morph you mentioned is hypo, the rest are just colors. She is a normal morph...with citrus coloring.
  3. Mistyck

    Baby beardie morph?

    He's a normal dragon. Color has nothing to do with morph. Color looks like yellow. So it's a yellow colored normal.
  4. Mistyck

    what beardie color is this called ?

    Looks like it has orange. Color is what color is. If you want to call her orange yellow then call her orange yellow. If you're asking about morph, then she looks to be leatherback. Morph has nothing to do with the color.
  5. Mistyck

    Are these Bearded Dragon Babies Morphs?

    They look like regular, normal dragons. Colors have nothing to do with morphs.
  6. Mistyck

    Profile idea

    This sounds interesting, but I'm betting it wouldn't get filled out. I know I wouldn't bother filling it out if I was just joining. And I still wouldn't be one to fill it out even now. Most of the new members don't know what most of those things are that you want to have put on the...
  7. Mistyck

    Dragon not shedding?

    Also, you were on here asking this same question a year ago...You were told what to change, yet it seems as though you've changed nothing from your posts. We as a community cannot help you, if you refuse to...
  8. Mistyck

    No UVB bulb?

    You were on here a little over a year ago, and were told that your dragon needed a UVB, yet you still have yet to get one for him. Your dragon NEEDS proper UVB. It doesn't matter if the bulb is expensive. Owning an animal in general is expensive. You were also told that putting your dragon...
  9. Mistyck

    Dragon not shedding?

    Isn't this the same dragon that hasn't had UVB in his whole life? That probably has something to do with it, along with his age.
  10. Mistyck

    Beardie morph

    Normal. A morph has nothing to do with colors. If he has totally clear nails on all 4 feet, (no dark lines or anything in them) then he could be a Hypo. If not, then he's jut a normal morph dragon. As for his colors, he can be whatever you want him to be. If he has yellow and orange he can...
  11. Mistyck

    Dragons together

    Wait, did I just read that you want to put 2 babies in with a dragon who is 2 years old? Do you want to lose those babies? As they will become food for the 2 year old. The older dragon won't care that she's a little on the small side, she will care that you just gave her 2 free chitlins in...
  12. Mistyck

    coil bulbs safe for heating?

    I've never worried about that. I've just used different wattages for what I need during different times of the year. Incandescent bulbs do exactly what you're looking to do, for WAY cheaper. If you're so inclined, then go to home-depot and get flood bulb. They might have the 3000k one you're...
  13. Mistyck

    coil bulbs safe for heating?

    Are you wanting to use this for light or for heat? If you use a regular incandescent bulb you get both light and heat, and then you wouldn't have to worry about other light. A UVB bulb should be in your tank as well, and that should be a ReptiSun 10.0 Fluorescent tube bulb.
  14. Mistyck

    coil bulbs safe for heating?

    Why do you need one that's in the 3000K? Just use a regular incandescent bulb. I use a 75 watt incandescent bulb and it heats my dragon's tank to the desired temp with no problem.
  15. Mistyck

    coil bulbs safe for heating?

    No, they don't put off enough heat to be used as a basking bulb. You need to go to the dollar store and find regular incandescent bulbs, play around with the wattage, to get to the temps that you need.
  16. Mistyck

    Please Help

    Colors are what colors are. If he's yellow, then he's yellow, could also be called citrus if you wanted, I guess. Morphs are something totally different, and if you're wanting to know his morph, then we'd need better pictures.
  17. Mistyck

    hiding from UVB, but not heat

    Is the repti-sun a coil or a long fluorescent tube bulb?
  18. Mistyck

    Sand/Eco earth mix?

    No, it isn't safe to keep beardies on any particle substrate, no matter their age.
  19. Mistyck

    Few issues.

    He might be hitting the puberty stage. Some dragons hit it early. Are the sides of his tank covered? Have you tried calming him down and not coming at him from on the top of him, but rather the side?
  20. Mistyck

    What might they be?

    Here's a link to post pics. Just letting you know, a normal is a morph. The lemon/sunburst/citrus are not. They are just colors. Therefore, if they aren't leatherback, or silkbacks, then they are probably normals. Uploading...
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