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  1. Ladyhawk42

    Salmonella Test Kits?

    It's been awhile since I've been here. Just as my beardie was coming out of brumation I heard the news about Salmonella cotham. I have a 27-year-old parrot I'm concerned about. Also, I am chronically ill with many maladies that affect my immune system. I will probably have to have surgery within...
  2. Ladyhawk42

    Poop analysis good, but poop is still extremely smelly

    Some time back I sent in a sample of my beardie's feces for analysis. I fully expected a pinworm / coccidiosis infection because her poop smells just awful. It's so bad I clean it up instantly to get rid of the smell, hating every second of it. ACK! Awful. The analysis was: "This is one of the...
  3. Ladyhawk42

    Grover acts healthy, but ze poo poo iz el-stinkoo

    I should probably have him tested for coccidia and pinworms. I know it would be best if I took him to a vet, but I'm on a fixed income. Is there a vet who will analyze a sample of poop-by-mail and prescribe meds and cleaning regimen? I was just getting ready to move him to his big cage when I...
  4. Ladyhawk42

    Which brands of mercury vapor bulbs would you recommend?

    Which brands of mercury vapor bulbs would you use if you were going to go that way for UVB?
  5. Ladyhawk42

    Lighting for Exo-Terra

    1. UVB The mesh on the top of my Exo-Terra 36" X 18" X 18" is very fine, which would block a lot of light. With that in mind, would you help me set up a good lighting scheme? For Grover's 20 gallon long, I mounted an 18" cabinet light inside the terrarium. With the new Exo-Terra, this would be...
  6. Ladyhawk42

    My beardie's new tank

    Wow, thanks for the info. I have some measuring to do. BTW, does that harness still fit Daisy?
  7. Ladyhawk42

    Video: Grover Nearly Grown Up @ 16 Inches

    My mom took the video and it was sideways, so I had to flip it. I don't think she knows how to take widescreen. If I knew, I'd show her. ;)
  8. Ladyhawk42

    My beardie's new tank

    Thanks. I've been sick, so I haven't made any progress yet. Do you just keep the tiles loose? If you have to cut them, will the store do it? I can't go with cinder blocks because my back just can't handle it. Is there another material I could use that would absorb heat for him? (The tiles may...
  9. Ladyhawk42

    Video: Grover Nearly Grown Up @ 16 Inches I'm guessing you cannot embed video, but the short video is kinda cute. :)
  10. Ladyhawk42

    My beardie's new tank

    I got the large wide Exo-Terra. Here is what Big Apple Herp had to say about heat and light for it: I had already mentioned using an 18" Reptisun 10.0 inside the tank, but I'm not sure they took that into consideration. The screen mesh is fine, so would a Mercury Vapor bulb outside the tank...
  11. Ladyhawk42

    Has there been a recent poll about co-habitation?

    I watched that disturbing video about co-habitation, so right now I'm just thankful my dragon has all his fingers and toes and his tail tip. Has anyone actually polled to see where members stand? So far I haven't seen a book that says no to co-habitation, but the same was true when I bred...
  12. Ladyhawk42

    I would like a more hygienic substrate.

    OK. You're right about the sticky little tongue. It's actually funny to watch him chase insects with tongue extended even before he gets close. And of course there would be poop in the sand. I wasn't thinking about the beardie habit of licking turf. Thanks. One thing I have noticed is that he...
  13. Ladyhawk42

    I would like a more hygienic substrate.

    Is this good for wearing down sharp little nails? :)
  14. Ladyhawk42

    I would like a more hygienic substrate.

    Grover is around 14" now (need to measure to confirm) and I think he's a she, but that's beside the point. I know it can be dangerous if bearded dragons ingest substrate, but what if I fed my beardie outside the terrarium? Would it be safe to keep some kind of sandy substrate in her habitat...
  15. Ladyhawk42

    Good place on west coast USA to buy crickets in bulk?

    My crickets arrived just before the snowstorm and they seem just fine. I didn't see any dead ones. 1,000 crickets is a LOT of crickets. I've never seen that many before. At least one escaped during the transfer to my 10 gallon aquarium. I hope Grover appreciates them. I put the 10 gallon in the...
  16. Ladyhawk42

    Crickets from the pet store died off. Virus?

    Most of my feeder crickets have died within days of purchase. I'm going to guess this was due to the cricket virus. How can I protect my new crickets when they arrive? I'm planning to house them in a completely different container, for starters. How easily is this virus transmitted? When I do...
  17. Ladyhawk42

    Good place on west coast USA to buy crickets in bulk?

    So, if I order crickets today (Sunday), they would be shipped on Monday and arrive on Tuesday. Monday night the forecast is for 35 degrees. Then it cools off to a low of 29 degrees Tuesday night (at least on my weather widget). Do you think ordering now is a good idea?
  18. Ladyhawk42

    Good place on west coast USA to buy crickets in bulk?

    Thanks! Would 1,000 crickets fit into a 10 gallon aquarium? I have one I could adapt. -Laura and her hungry beardie
  19. Ladyhawk42

    Good place on west coast USA to buy crickets in bulk?

    I was going to do it through Mulberry Farms, but they're having issues with a cricket virus. My beardie is growing like a weed now (over 12 inches, I'm sure) and buying crickets at the pet store is getting insanely expensive. I have a roach colony, but the babies are too small, still. It's not...
  20. Ladyhawk42

    URGENT! Help with killin crickets while beardie is sleeping

    Bug vacuum: Don't buy it from Toys R Us or you will be spammed to death. Once you're on their list, there is no easy way to get off it.
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