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    Guess it depends on where you live. 5 years ago, we had a mass of cicadas come out of our lawn. There were hundreds of shed exoskeletons at the base of our maple tree in the backyard. I wish I could have seen it!
  2. Brieana

    Dubias eating the Males Wings.

    What brand of dog food is it? The cheaper stuff is lower in protein than you'd think.
  3. Brieana

    Het. Hypo 66 percent

    Sorry, jeffman, a true hypo has completely clear nails, yours is just a normal.
  4. Brieana


    I dunno you guys. 17 years of living in the ground, soaking up pesticides, herbicides, chemical turf builders and fertilizers? I wouldn't risk it. Last summer, I heard about an ice cream shop nearby that was selling cicada flavored ice cream, but the local government shut it down due to the...
  5. Brieana


    A couple weeks ago, their babies were $45 and I was THIS close to buying a hypo. I even held it and checked its nails. But despite the fact that it was utterly gorgeous and had green and orange markings, it would have been an impulse buy, so I walked away.
  6. Brieana

    Safe Glass Cleaner?*SOLVED*

    I made the fourth recipe. Oh man! It looks like my windows are constantly open now. It's incredible!!!
  7. Brieana

    new red eared slider;questions

    Hi and congratulations! First off, large pebbles are fine, but they have to be larger than the turtle's head so he doesn't eat them. My aquatic box turtle had small river pebbles in her tank and ate them all the time when I wasn't looking. I switched her to slate tiles for a while, but now she...
  8. Brieana

    Beardies Can Eat Anole and Scorpions?

    My nephew would live off nothing but candy and white bread if his parents let him, but they don't. It's our job as the caretaker of those dependent on us to do what's best for them. You can drive your car for 20 years without a seatbelt because you feel like you don't need it, but then comes...
  9. Brieana

    Color changes?

    There are a couple possible reasons. One being she's cold, another being she's stressed or unhappy with the situation she's in. My Beardie is his brightest when he's running around my living room. That's when he's really happy. Conversely, he'll darken up and develop stress marks when he's...
  10. Brieana

    He's chasing my other pets! Now with video!

    I got a video of it! I'm hoping to get a better one to tomorrow. He just barrels across the room so quickly that I never have my phone ready!
  11. Brieana

    Eek my mounted uvb light fell..

    What fell? The hook itself or the light, and the hook is still hanging on the side of the tank?
  12. Brieana

    He's chasing my other pets! Now with video!

    I'm definitely going to have my camera handy this weekend, it's just hard to be ready at the right moment!
  13. Brieana

    He's chasing my other pets! Now with video!

    It's finally warming up around here, so my house is warm enough to let my Beardie roam around during the day. I've noticed, within the last couple days that he's started chasing my cats around. He isn't puffing or black bearding, but when he sees them, he'll run full speed at them and try to...
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    This happened to my box turtle. I was told to take cod liver oil capsules and drip them into her eyes every day. I had to hand feed her, but after about a week, her eyes were healed. As long as he continues to eat, he should be ok. You basically have to wait for the burned eye tissue to be...
  15. Brieana

    How do you keep your veggies fresh?

    As soon as I get them, I wash them, tear them by hand (no knife) and dry them in my salad spinner. Then I dump the water and leave them in the spinner in the fridge. Developing a taste for greens will help things too. Nothing like a collard greens sandwich. :)
  16. Brieana

    only eats squash

    I have the same issue with mine. Please don't feed him Romaine. It has little to no nutritional value and gives them loose stools. Check out this link for all the best greens to give them: As far as the butternut squash, you can try pureeing it...
  17. Brieana

    Safe Glass Cleaner?*SOLVED*

    I've heard Vodka is the best natural glass cleaner, but I'm not about to spend that much money to try it out. In the past, I've used straight vinegar to clean the glass in my home, but this link has 3 different recipes to try. I'm definitely trying the third one today...
  18. Brieana

    Wild cricket colony??

    Nope! Dubias are harmless. They may chew on eachother's wings if they don't get enough protein, but otherwise, they're docile and super easy to care for. Males can flutter, if they jump off something up high, but they can't lift off any go anywhere from a standstill. You have a lot of options...
  19. Brieana

    Wild cricket colony??

    That's a good question! The general consensus on here is to avoid wild bugs, period, so I have not heard anything on this topic. My personal opinion is pesticides and herbicides are so awful and damaging that it alters the bugs that do survive from exposure to it. So who knows how many...
  20. Brieana

    Sex my beardie?!

    I was debating on that! But then I saw the female on this link has two bumps, too: Sorry, OP!
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