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  1. spyder79

    Just saying goodbye to the forum

    I've reassessed my priorities and have come to realize that posting on bearded dragon/reptile forums just is not for me anymore. With the current status of my career, my future plans, and my college curriculum I just do not have time for it any longer. Its been great getting know all of yall...
  2. spyder79

    To leave the eggs or not to leave the eggs

    they wont last too long but you can hope for the best. And as far as your 2 living together I am not going to comment on it any further, you do what you think is best just be ready for whatever consequences occur from that decision.
  3. spyder79

    To leave the eggs or not to leave the eggs

    First thing you need to ask yourself is do you really want to and have time to take care of the 12-20+ mouths that will hatch from those eggs. We are talking feeding 2-3 times a day, soaking every day, have at the most 5 babies per each bin, having lighting (UV and heat) for each bin, keeping...
  4. spyder79

    Quick question

    You can safely breed a male as early as 9 months old and typically females at 14-18 months old (some breed as early as 12 months old but im against that) Retirement age all depends on your dragon. You will need to take ques from your dragons and see how they react each year from breeding...
  5. spyder79

    Can someone explain SandFires to me?

    Yes Sandfire is a line that is coined by Sandfire Dragon ranch. The original Sandfire line was orange, then they produced a Yellow Sandfire Line. If you have 2 animals from Sandfire lines that are bred and they produce orange babies and non orange babies (ie grey, tan, etc) they would all...
  6. spyder79

    very late hatching eggs ??

    I would very much like to know just how big these hatchlings were at 110 days. Awaiting pics :D
  7. spyder79

    Well, if I were a beardie breeder, I'd

    I like the leatherback dragon. I own one leatherback and I truly enjoy him. All in all he isnt much different. His back is smooth but he still carries all the features and behaviors of a normal male dragon. And he is almost 20 inches long now at only 6 months old so he is no small boy by any...
  8. spyder79

    My Beardie laid her third clutch of eggs

    lol whatever you say but in all honesty I do not care what your opinion of me is in the least.
  9. spyder79

    Interesting info page

    what response are you looking for? Its no different from the 8 thousand other info sites out there on bearded dragons lol.
  10. spyder79

    Albino Bearded dragon???

    its not the UVB issue that kills them. it is a weak gene mutation that is the reason they die. You can actually raise a bearded dragon to normal sized adulthood without UVB but it takes a lot of time and work to do so. Not something i would suggest but in a case like an albino where it would...
  11. spyder79

    Albino Bearded dragon???

    Yep I agree with Tom. I have only heard of one instance where an albino lived past a few weeks and it was a pogona Microlepidota(note this was in australia) if I remember correctly. Got up to around 6 months old before it passed. It was completely blind and had to be hand fed.
  12. spyder79

    My Beardie laid her third clutch of eggs

    nope not a genius. And nope not going to ignore your threads.
  13. spyder79

    My Beardie laid her third clutch of eggs

    they can lay as many as 8 clutches off of one pairing. Had you done your research you would already know that
  14. spyder79

    2 week trip--what do i do?

    He would be in a state similar to brumation. Heat controls their metabolism with no heat they will be fine with no food/water for 2 weeks. When a dragon brumates it can be as long as 6 months with zero food.
  15. spyder79

    Different color eyes

    there are many variations with the trans line. I have seen solid black eyes, one black one normal, both normal, one eye half black. Its just a trait of the line.
  16. spyder79

    My dragons, which morphs are they?

    i cant really tell you more just that he is different. very nice and interesting looking in deed.
  17. spyder79

    My dragons, which morphs are they?

    because without knowing their actually bloodline you have no idea if you are breeding siblings. Direct line inbreeding causes all kinds of nasty problems in the hatchlings. I hate that people came on here and said "Oh they are sandfires" as they aren't. The only way they are sandfire is if...
  18. spyder79

    2 week trip--what do i do?

    yes at over a year he is old enough to be shut down for a bit. like i said in my initial post. withhold food 2-3 days out. Make sure he passes a bowel movement so that his system is empty. then just shut the lights down.
  19. spyder79

    Tough burmation ? (lengthy)

    yeah it is important to treat these parasites. Pnacur would be the right treatment. The reason the other person's dragon has developed regurge problems is likely due to having not used a probiotic after the treatment. You need to run accidophilis for a few weeks after treating with panacur to...
  20. spyder79

    pe1 temp gun

    hands down the best single item I have purchased in my many years with reptiles.
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