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  1. WyattKB

    A small section of sand ok?

    If you have a co-op around, thats where my sister gets the pure alfalfa pellets for her rats.
  2. WyattKB

    Spike & Gerty Love BD.ORG!

    Thanks guys :) They both like the heat from the laptop lol I think that is what this behavior was from
  3. WyattKB

    Make greens fresh

    Thanks for the tip :) I wonder if it works for lettuce? :o
  4. WyattKB

    Liquid Nails for Tiles?

    Liquid nails will work, but if you mortar then grout in the tiles it will look really nice :) Both are great aha
  5. WyattKB

    Spike & Gerty Love BD.ORG!

    So, here I am browsing the forums with Spike and Gertrude in front of me. When all of a sudden Spike sees the screen, and watches it with utmost attention. A few seconds later, there was Gerty right beside him. I was lucky to have my iPod beside me so I snapped a few pics 8) Here they are...
  6. WyattKB

    How do you clean your 40gal+ tank?

    I grouted then sealed my tiles in... A little bit of steam and your ready to go :)
  7. WyattKB

    Spikes Got A New Girlfriend! (Gertrude)

    Aha my mom named her :P And thanks! :)
  8. WyattKB

    anyone purchased a dragon from fire and ice?

    Buddy.. I suggest you just leave this site completely. Everybody you talk to doesn't like you. Your not a hobbiest, or even a real pet owner. You collect them. You honestly sicken me. 3 beardies? Just throw em out when your bored with them, right? Well we as a forum are bored with you, and would...
  9. WyattKB

    Is this lamp good enough...?

    If it is the Arcadia 12% then yup it's good :) Just mount it inside the viv and your ready to go
  10. WyattKB

    Who all has Leopard Geckos? *Stella Pics!! 10/17*

    I have two :) This is Tobie: She is a high-yellow carrot-tail morph: And here is Rosalie, my blizzard: They are both about 2 months old.
  11. WyattKB

    Spikes Got A New Girlfriend! (Gertrude)

    Thanks so much :)
  12. WyattKB

    Supers as a staple w/ crickets thrown in.

    Hello fellow Canadian 8) I'm right outside Peterborough Ontario. I go to reptile expos about once a month and pick up medium-large supers there. Usually it's 20-25 for a thousand at expos, unlike 30 dollars plus shipping online per thousand. If there are no expos, then I just order em online.
  13. WyattKB

    Spikes Got A New Girlfriend! (Gertrude)

    She is about 4 or 5 we think. I put her under her new MVB and found out she LOVES gaping.. I thought her temps were too high but they are steady at 108 on basking spot :P
  14. WyattKB

    Spikes Got A New Girlfriend! (Gertrude)

    Hey guys, went to the reptile expo today and got a new female beardie! She is a regular with a orange beard. She is full of stressmarks right now, but her colour is slowly coming back. I'm not going to breed her and Spike though, she is too old. Heres some pics :blob5:
  15. WyattKB

    CHE wattage?

    I use a 60w with a red 60w bulb on really cool nights and it keeps my 4x2x2 at 80 at night :)
  16. WyattKB

    Custom Terrariams in Ontario- Peterborough

    Check Kijiji, There is a 4x2x2 viv on there that is half decent. Heres a link: if you offered 150 im sure he would take it. I would've bought it myself but I already built Spike his 4x2x2...
  17. WyattKB

    you know your beardie loves you when..........

    Same thing happened to me bout a month ago, me & Spike were watching a old movie together, I accidentally fell asleep with him on me.... I woke up and he was snuggled into my stomach pocket on my hoodie, with only his head inside the actual pocket :3 It was a good 3 hour nap too, I didn't want...
  18. WyattKB

    Leopard gecko tumor?

    I think that is a great idea, you should take him to a vet right away... If it was really a burn then it would not be getting bigger like it is.
  19. WyattKB

    Leopard gecko tumor?

    It looks to me like a burn! Do you have any heat rocks or heatmats in the tank? If so, check the temps of em..
  20. WyattKB

    Mounting Uvb Inside tank

    I have the exact same light fixture, all i did to mount mine inside the tank was use 3M command hooks. Heres a link Just put the hooks on the wall and in the back of the fixture on...
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