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  1. fez09

    Dewey's Thread: Updated: 9/6/12 He's Very Sick

    Neo is starting to sleep more and more too. He probably only basks for 4 hours per day but he's still eating. I know what you mean about stocking up, I just bought 1000 large dubia nymphs!!! I'm really happy that Riley is doing well, I know how hard that can be...
  2. fez09

    Lilly and Lyla

    Awww, poor little girl! I saw her FB pics! I have so many babies shedding every day, it's sad when they're all Stressy and you just can't do much...
  3. fez09

    ~Katrina's Magnificent Menagerie~9/16 BABY PICS!!

    Cheeto is a cute name! My oldest son wants to call him Rogue but to me that's a girl name so we'll see! Suz, I mark the boys with a blue dot and the girls with a pink dot! SMARTY PANTS!!!! LOL, Love you back! Thanks Lauren, I'm in love with these babies and Karma is doing fantastic!
  4. fez09

    Dewey's Thread: Updated: 9/6/12 He's Very Sick

    Mandy, dewey looks GREAT! As always of course! I just love his belly and his porky legs, he's so handsome! You lucked out with him for sure! Is he slowing down already? Belle and Fiona are both sleeping already...I've got lots of babies to keep me busy but I miss those 2 big girls...How is your...
  5. fez09

    Jiffy's beardies, Someone New!** pg 42

    Get out of town! What a naughty boy!!! Good to see you back on here!
  6. fez09

    The Dresden Files - 12/9 Ember is now at peace

    OH MY GOODNESS!! Sweet little Ember! So very precious, I'm with Michael, that armwave brought a tear! You must be sooo excited! She's gonna be special for sure!! Pretty soon, you're gonna be like me and have beardies by the dozen! LOL!
  7. fez09

    Favorite "salad" mixes?

    I've been pretty lucky, my babies eat collards the day after they hatch. Try chopping them up really tiny and mix the grated squash in them...Keep offeringm they'll get used to it!
  8. fez09

    Just got some Reptiworms/phoenix worms/calciworms. Question.

    You shouldn't have to dust the Calciworms with calcium, only the multivitimin 2X's per week. As far as going outside, you should be ok using the UVB that you have now as long as your baby isn't having any negative side effects...If it's warm enough, you could take him outside for 15 minutes or so.
  9. fez09

    Favorite "salad" mixes?

    Always raw. Mine eat collard/mustard greens and either butternut squash or yellow squash as a staple but about once a week I add in a "treat". they go nuts for blueberries or strawberries.
  10. fez09

    Big Chief: Man of the House (Huge Update 12/29)

    Oh wow, I'm an official Chief fan!!! He's so handsome and a BIG boy!!!!
  11. fez09

    The Dresden Files - 12/9 Ember is now at peace

    Hi Maggie!!! Super cute pics, Nezzie is very pretty and very "girly" looking! Dresden is adorable too! Hope you are enjoying your vacation!!
  12. fez09

    almost dead!

    Hopefully now that he's used the bathroom and had a few baths, he'll perk of luck!
  13. fez09

    Everest and Comet Growing up "updated"

    OMG! That's precious!!!! She's praying, "Pwease Yord, bwing me more bugz, AMEN!"
  14. fez09

    beardie size

    I agree that he's a little small...What type of UVB do you use? What bugs do you feed him and how many per day? Some dragons are smaller genetically but sometimes it has to do with the setup...
  15. fez09

    ~Katrina's Magnificent Menagerie~9/16 BABY PICS!!

    I had to make sure there wasn't any confusion about her!! And thank you, Karma and Neo made VERY nice babies!!
  16. fez09

    Yota the beardie!

    Hi and Welcome!! Congrats on your new baby! They do eat alot now but that's how they grow to be strong and healthy! There are answers here to just about any questions you may have!
  17. fez09


    Hi and Welcome!!! Glad you found this site, it's the best! Any questions, just ask! Can't wait to see pics of your little Rufus!
  18. fez09

    Sub-Adult suddenly not eating, being aggressive

    Her behaviour sounds alot like she may be gravid as well, I would feel for eggs and keep an eye on her if she's digging and scratching...just in case!
  19. fez09

    New dragon!

    CONGRATS!!!! I also have 2 dragons from Barbara (Belle and Fiona) and I can promise you that they are so healthy and well cared for! Glad she got there ok, enjoy her and make sure to share lots and lots of pics!
  20. fez09

    ~Katrina's Magnificent Menagerie~9/16 BABY PICS!!

    :blob5: :blob8: I'VE GOT PICTURES!!!!!! I took a few pics of the babies today, I have 2 holdbacks from Mojo and Fiona's clutch that I wanted to show off!! The first is a girl and her name is Echo, I have loved her since she hatched and here's why.... Notice the "K" on her tail! "K" is for me...
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