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  1. joea

    R.I.P. Kirbi<3

    I haven't posted in years but today Kirbi<3 passed away. :cry: We joined on Sun Aug 05, 2012 8:31 pm and would like to thank all here on helping us new BD people out. Just a baby on top of her tripod branch Same branch she maxed out at 2lb/24" She was in the 2014
  2. joea

    Always poops when out of cage!

    Kirbi<3 trained us to give her a warm bath do her business ? We still have the same beardie since joining way back when. This site helped us tons. I haven't posted in years But the other day I searched "can bearded dragons eat stinging nettles" read a few articles then clicked images & walla...
  3. joea

    Help with project to benefit beardies!

    Good luck with your project!
  4. joea

    Running on two legs!?

    That is too cool! LOL! I got this today on fb from TRR. :lol:
  5. joea

    2014 Calendar Previews [part 1&2] - PLEASE REVIEW ASAP!

    Nice!!! There a lot of good looking beardie pics in both calendars! Great job on the calendars!
  6. joea

    happy Halloween! !

    Happy Halloween also!
  7. joea

    would like to know what kind he is

    Exo Terra Sand Mat
  8. joea

    How big is Yours? "Mine is......."

    Kirbi :love5: is 15.5 months old - 24" long (June) - weighs 2.00 Lbs (907g) She was 945g June 7th. I took this pics Wednesday during our visit to see her & to sit in the sun for about 45+ minutes. Food & meds via stomach tube. Saturday we get to pick her up from her 3 week vet stay...
  9. joea

    So I figured out "she" was a he

    Kirby was changed to Kirbi :love5: I'm sunning her on my visit during her 3 week stay at the vet. Kirb's is out on the 12th!
  10. joea

    Age, Length, sex and weight of your bearded dragon

    This is our first Beardie. We had no idea she was "big" until we started taking her out & got a lot of "she's huge" comments. Here she is in the sun while we were visiting her 3rd day at the vets for her 3 week exotic boarding stay. :( Day 4: She is gaining weight I was told on today's visit. :D
  11. joea

    2yo beardie refuses to eat- clean fecal and blood samples

    Speaking of syringe feeding, Kirbi :love5: is being stomach fed now for 3 weeks with LaFaber nutritional support, Fluconazole, Ponazuril, & a little KY on the tube. I choose exotic boarding for this. Some days I wouldn't of had an extra set of hands around to help me. I hope our Beardies get...
  12. joea

    2yo beardie refuses to eat- clean fecal and blood samples

    I'm sorry to hear about that. Does the either of the oxbows care have probiotics in it? That is needed after those meds wipe out the gut flora. Was his stomach distended while not eating? His liver might be swollen & an x-ray will show it. They wont eat with a swollen liver. Our big girl has...
  13. joea

    Age, Length, sex and weight of your bearded dragon

    Kirbi :love5: Age: 15 months Length: 24" Weight: 900g she lost 45g since june 7th. She was weighed at the vet today. She black bearded after he examined her mouth. She has a few ailments & will be getting better.
  14. joea

    bearded dragon memes

  15. joea

    bearded dragon memes

  16. joea

    Pheonix Worm causing smellly poop?

    Try probiotics like Pet Authority Acidophilus+, Bene-Bac+, or non dairy acidophilus pills from drug store (rite-aid etc) or a fecal test if it gets worse. Good luck! :)
  17. joea

    Dubias Are Cuties!!

    About two bucks for a large nymph. :mrgreen:
  18. joea

    Dubias Are Cuties!!

    Then you'll love Madagascar Hissing Roaches. There is more to love & they talk back, hisssssss! :mrgreen: Then you'll love the Horseshoe Crab Roach. :love10:
  19. joea

    Glass tiles

    Wow! Those are real classy looking. Lucky Kenny! He's a very handsome beardie too.
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