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  1. TheWerewolf

    Is this a seminal plug?

    Hey guys, I know I haven't been on much but I have a tiny question. Today I noticed a strange thing sticking out of his vent. Upon first glance, it looks like a seminal plug. I also touched, not pulled, the thing and it didn't feel like poop. It felt, well, rubbery. And it could be a seminal...
  2. TheWerewolf

    My beardie loves me

    Aww, that's SO sweet. :love5: My Nim did the same thing almost all the time when he was little. Scratched up my arm a bit with his claws, but sure did it make me feel loved. And Nim still does it sometimes even though he's a year old now. LOL, gotta love these affectionate reptiles. :D
  3. TheWerewolf

    Funniest dragon video's you've seen?

    LOL, that video of your beardie was hilarious, Zandi. :D And I believe I found my favorite beardie video. Yes, it's not a pet beardie, but it's still as funny as anything.
  4. TheWerewolf

    Funniest dragon video's you've seen?

    LOL! That first video with the kitten was hilarious. The cat reminded me of my tiels when they are approached by my Nim. But what I found funnier was that the dragon had no idea what just happened. It was like, "What?" LOL, priceless vid. I really don't have a funny dragon vid to share. I just...
  5. TheWerewolf

    odd sleeping position

    Yeah, beardies love to sleep in funny positions all the time. It's perfectly normal, even though some positions look just uncomfortable to us humans. Take a look at this thread full of funny sleeping pictures. I got a good laugh out of it. :D...
  6. TheWerewolf

    I HATE Spiders!!!!!!!!!!

    Hey now, don't hate on the little guys. Without them we'd be infested by all sorts of annoying bugs. They aren't evil, believe me, I have ran into WAY wickeder bugs, which means wasps. Those CHASE you, even when you are nowhere near their nest. Spiders are just minding their own business. They...
  7. TheWerewolf

    Vash the dragon

    Aww, how sweet for Vash to have a godmother and father. I'm happy for the grumpy Old Man. :D
  8. TheWerewolf

    Nim's Story - More videos and pictures.

    Hey all, I have some pics and a video. (I did have some updates but then it all got erased somehow. So I decided to just show you all the pics and vid.) Mister Willy on the window. A rare sight, he mainly did it to get to KitKat though. But hey, baby steps. :D Of course, we aren't living in...
  9. TheWerewolf

    Nim's Story - More videos and pictures.

    Thanks! Yes, I love to theorize about things. That's probably why I love cryptozoology so much. I make up theories left and right, and they always change once I get new info. :D Thanks. :D Yeah, I'm glad too. But that is as early as I'll make it. Which is fine for Nim and I, because we get...
  10. TheWerewolf

    Nim's Story - More videos and pictures.

    Hi, absent again, LOL. Yeah, sorry about that, I just got bored of this forum. Anyways, since I do know that some still follow Nim's thread, I decided to give you all a little update. :D First, I believe I was right about Nim being a complex reptile, LOL. You know how I said that he was waving...
  11. TheWerewolf

    Rogue- Please Visit This Link!!!

    LOL sure, I was just calling you by your username. :P And yes, you are. Most of my friends are on this forum, if not all, LOL. And most of my friends are very good ones. I have a lot of best friends here. :D And I did miss this forum during my two weeks without internet. I may have found another...
  12. TheWerewolf

    Nim's Story - More videos and pictures.

    I know, but at least it was something. I just hope those head twitches will turn into full bobs. I think he's seducing the 'lady lizard' in the mirror. Maybe making her think that she's the boss, then he'll start doing bobs once he has her attention. At least, that's my guess. I mean, why do...
  13. TheWerewolf

    Rogue- Please Visit This Link!!!

    Hey noelerhard! Man, so much has happened during my time without internet. Since I just moved about two weeks ago, that's a lot of days without internet. I missed you all so much! :D Yes, I agree, you should be proud of who you are. I also agree that I hate people who push their faith on others...
  14. TheWerewolf

    Nim's Story - More videos and pictures.

    Hey all! I can't believe I vanished for so long. See, we moved the day after I made my last post on this thread. Then for days we didn't have internet. Well, we still don't. But we'll get it this Wednesday. Right now I'm on someone else's computer. And I would've gone on earlier but I forgot my...
  15. TheWerewolf

    Zoey's Tales and Pics

    Nimmy's fine. He couldn't be better, actually. He's about 10 to 11 months old, is 18 inches last I measured, and has a roughly estimated weight of 400 grams. He moved into his 20 gallon a month ago and is LOVING it. And so am I. :D You sure do have a lot to read up on in his thread, though. I...
  16. TheWerewolf

    Nim's Story - More videos and pictures.

    Yeah, there is a book. A whole series actually. And LOL, Nim hasn't even seen the movie. But I can't make that lizard watch anything. He's SO not a couch potato. So I'll probably never know whether he liked the movie or not. But that's fine with me, I'm not one for watching TV either. :D...
  17. TheWerewolf


    Ah yes, another thing that makes me proud to be an American. (Sarcasm was in the first sentence, of course.) But seriously, what are they thinking? I'd never give away my birds and lizard, over my cold dead body. And besides, my tiels and beardie wouldn't even live in Maine weather. They're...
  18. TheWerewolf

    What are your Beardie nicknames?

    I have a few choice nicknames for my Nimrod. - Nim (What I usually call him) - Pincushion (Because well, he's spiky) - Fluffy (Because I love ironic names) - Monkey (Because of the way he clings onto me) More names may pop up. But those are what I usually call him.
  19. TheWerewolf

    Why you should NOT buy your animals at petsmart

    I got my Nimrod from PetSmart and he's doing fine. He's perfectly healthy at 10 or so months old. He hasn't even found a need to go to the vet. So you won't always get a sick dragon when purchasing them from a store. Besides, breeders can sell you sick dragons too, so it's not always pet stores...
  20. TheWerewolf

    The Life and Times of Helen Hawking, dbnr

    Awww, that's so cute. HH is SO strong. And so unique. She's the most beautiful beardie I've ever seen. :D
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