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    No frills large cricket habitat

    unless you heat it from the bottom, most likely you will have humidity problems.
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    DIY outdoor encloser!

    I used chicken wire and 2x4's and made a 4x8x1 box. Top is hinged. Its buried in the shed or I'd get you pics. We bring ours in no later than 3 pm in hopes to avoid lightning bugs. Other than that, no much is monitored. Give them a shade area and a water dish and you're set.
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    Size does matter

    You don't "need" 4' long. You want square footage. I use 3x2's personally. We use freedom breeder euro cages. here is the four foot option if you're really stuck on the 4' idea
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    Butterworms from Walmart.. are they safe?

    Listed at $3.94 for 20 here.. no thanks. I'll stay with dubia
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    Iggys New home, spoiled lil dragon but hes really dark

    what the temps of the gradient?
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    New enclosures

    Anyone know who makes them? I'd love to have many many more.
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    Pics for tips - need help on glass track 4 crossfire

    easiest way is to measure the best you can (measure long rather than short) and be prepared to trim upper dam if it doesn't fit.
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    3 Months Later

    growth rate is deetermined by heat and food.
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    Roach cabinet

    I think you need to read up on flexwatt and see the numerous people who have experienced close calls with flexwatt.
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    Roach cabinet

    Temps that result in fire occur when a spark from a short occurs. Shorts occur when the plastic of the very thin flexwatt becomes burned from heat of the tape over cycling. If the OP only wants an ambient of 85 then the flxwatt should be super safe when regulated that low. Light bulbs are just...
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    Would you change anything in my enclosure plan?

    material is fine. Make sure you air out the enclosure well before adding a lizard. You shouldn't need a 100w bulb. Spend the extra and go with glass right away. Buy glass track and save yourself some headaches.
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    Worms in my dubia colony???

    yep no harm.
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    Roach cabinet

    flexwatt exceeding 95 degrees is an extreme fire hazard. I agree that is cabinet for 2 tubs is an extreme overkill. If the OP thinks its necessary, then go for it. Much more efficient idea would be to line bottom of cage with controlled flexwatt. Allow 2" space between tubs and install some...
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    Adult. How many Bugs?

    diet depends greatly on age, sex, cycling etc. we feed our males insects once weekly. I place them in the roach bin and they eat what they can in 20 minutes. Females who are stacking on weight will get insects daily.
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    cricket breeding

    moss? I used it in a container with a raised lid that seals. (Bright white sand allows you to see pinheads easier and it won't mold) :wink: dampened the sand to the point it will clump like making a snowball. Place the sand egg box in a cage with chirping crickets. Leave it there...
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    idea i want to run it by you please (outdoor)

    Personally, I didn't put a solid bottom on mine because of trapping heat and killing grass. I have chicken wire on the bottom, 1/4" screen on top. Sides are leftover MDF I salvaged from other jobs. 2x6x1 I have kept as many as 10 beardeds in it over the summer during day light hours without...
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    Male dubia with chewed wings

    feed them heat them but most important... let them alone!!!!!!
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    Zilla Critter Cages

    Most people I know of use 3x2x 18's for adults The internet boasts a 4x2x2 is bare minimium a 55 is 4x12= 4 sq ft a 40 is 3x1.4= 4.5 sq ft.. a 40 has mroe sq ft a 55 has more cubic ft. so unless the beardie can fly or you give tons of climbing items and it lives in the trees, the 40 is just...
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    Male dubia with chewed wings

    Flash box or utility box is the blue box used in houses to allow airspace behind a socket in case of a short, arc or spark. In your setup, you have the wires sandwiched against plastic which will become the fuel for a fire. 70 degrees? yep they'll survive for a good while. Keep them fed and and...
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