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    Goodbye Phoniex

    We had phoniex for 7 months, he got very sick, very quickly, and passed away yesterday :(
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    possible brumation?

    yes they have grown up together. yes they r both girls and they not not related. they have been together for almost 4 1/2 months ans have never had a problem :) ty though :)
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    possible brumation?

    I figured she was ok just wanted to double check! So I can leave her in her tank, she shares it with another dragon, beardie, she doesnt seem to mind she is sleeping she just keeps walking around her
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    possible brumation?

    My baby is about 6 months old, 17 inches long and for the last two days all she has really done is sleep, I gave her some worms and crickets and she only ate the worms probably because they were right in front of her other than that she slept. From what I read It is very uncommon for dragons to...
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    Chicago area?

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    Cutest story I've ever heard about a beardie!

    that is so cute!!! way to be creative too :)
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    Can I please email someone some pictures?***pictures added**

    no expert but can look for you if you also want me to email me at [email protected]
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    best place to get crickets online??

    so far i have not seem to have been under cricketed yet! i obviously dont count my crickets but they last about the same amount everytime so im pretty certain all is good!
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    best place to get crickets online??

    i just got my crickets from I dont think they have them on their website but they have them up for aucion a lot on facebook, other then that I get my crickets from our local reptile show we have every two weeks here. i pay 18 for 1000
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    New Dragon Phoniex

    all three together :) they are getting so big so fast :)
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    new to board and beardies

    I have not had those problems, maybe they are glass dancing??????? Welcome to the boards , make sure you check out the nutrition guide on here its great :) any questions always ask! post pics when you can :)
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    Pulled hornworm from vent

    i got horned worms i know they grow quick but omg did they grow quicker then i thought thankfully we have a bigger lizard that will eat them :)
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    Renting a house with dragons?

    i am in an apartment, with a no pet policy though i have a mini zoo, they landlords know about it and so do the tenants and everyone just kinda looks the other way, i did have some crickets escape too but usually my cats will get them also the weekend they complained to me about the crickets was...
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    Is anyone going to the Reptile expo in Tinley Park chicago?

    I am thinking of going and I think the breeder I got my dragon from will be there :) Well I know she will be there but I am not sure if she will be vending there or not
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    Aurora has only waved at...

    our little guy phoniex pretty much waves at everything he even switches arms while doing it :) he waved at the cat yesterday and at my daughter :blob5:
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    I have the only bearded dragon...

    between my two older dragons they eat 30 to 40 at a time, i mix in worms every other day or so so they dont get bored with just one but i hear only certain worms are ok and even that makes me nervous so its only a few every other day but they love their crickets i got 100 monday morning and went...
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    new to the forum but not to beardies

    welcome to the forums :)
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    New Dragon Phoniex

    hes getting ready for bed more pictures like you asked for
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    New Dragon Phoniex

    in a few days I will
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    New Dragon Phoniex

    here we go, He arrived safely today and we are soo happy to have him in our lives :) :D
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