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    Grey beard and hard stomach help please

    Have you been monitoring the basking temperatures. It is most accurate to use an infrared temperature gun. I think for adults the hot spot should be 105F.
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    Can hatchling bearded dragons eat Dubia roaches?

    Hello, My dragon's eggs just hatched. I was assuming I could just feed the hatchings the baby Dubia that I raise. Are the Dubia too big?
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    Which is best incubator for Bearded Dragons?

    Hello, My dragon is very gravid. All as I have is an old Hovabator (thermal-air flow) however I am using it for tortoise eggs. Which types of incubators work best for you guys that are easy and inexpensive to purchase or build? Thanks.
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    How much natural light do they need to get plenty of uvb?

    I think I read somewhere that 15 minutes in natural sunlight is equivalent to 6 hours under a VUB bulb. That can be a little vague because of huge variable such as what type of bulb you are using, what climate and elevation where you live, etc. But yes, 30 minutes is definitely good. I live...
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    Natural Remedy for Diarrhea?

    Thanks AHBD. I'll check that website. I think my friend may also have some of that stuff.
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    Natural Sunlight For Beardies

    Great idea! My dragons love natural sunlight and being outside. It is possible that they can store the natural Vitamin D in their bodies because I think that birds and humans do. 15 minutes of sunlight is similar to 6 hours under a UVB bulb but even healthier. However, when they are in...
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    Natural Remedy for Diarrhea?

    OK. Thankyou AHBD. I will separate them ASAP. They both have separate cages. I have them together temporary. I have a reliable exotic vet a few towns away and have used him for other pets. But I cant afford it now and last time I went to him I ended up paying a $200 bill for my canary and...
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    Just recovered from parasites, but not eating?

    Yes. What CooperDragon is good. Also read this article "Coccidia & Parasite Infection Care" which is listed in the articles section of this site on the right-hand side of this page. It's under the sub-heading of Care and Husbandry in the Articles section.
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    Juvenile Beardie Ill?

    So Sorry to hear of your problems so far. I Doubt that brumation would be the issue as I just recently read that most dragons will only try to bromate in their second year and after. That is the way my 2-year old female is acting now. My on-year male is very active. But my female still eats...
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    Natural Remedy for Diarrhea?

    Hello, I was just wondering if anyone knows of any natural or home remedies for severe diarrhea in B. Dragons? The details are that his stool has suddenly turned into mostly a greenish liquid that even at times resembles water. Also, after I was cleaning it up one time he bit me through my...
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    Too much calcium?

    Hi. Sorry to hear of your dragon's dilemma. I would be terribly worried too. I own a UVB meter and they are great to have but you could just make sure you change your MVB once a year. Mark in a calender when your get a new one. Even 10 to 15 minutes of direct sunlight outdoors goes a long...
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    Pics of my Dragon George

    Nice :)
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    Dubia are nice to have since they are almost odorless and easy to care for and breed. Unfortunately since they are a tropical species they might be illegal in Australia. Try to check around alitlle more. I have heard that locusts or grasshoppers are better feeder insects than crickets as...
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    Hello from Pretoria, South Africa

    Wow! That is an awesome setup. I don't think it needs any upgrades. Just make sure the basking temperature is correct.
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    Your opinion. How you feed...

    Sounds like he is extremely well fed. What is in his salad? Does it get eaten?
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    i need help

    @goldenaz: Sorry if my reply to your post offended you. I did not mean it like that. I was just sharing what I have learned.
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    i need help

    I have bred tortoises. #1. You will never make a profit. #2. Don't breed a reptile that is not special when they are already bred way too often and are way too available. #3. Just freeze the fertile eggs to cause them to not grow and then discard them. It won't hurt them and it isn't mean.
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    Spoiled beardie

    Did you check for accurite basking temperature and temperature gradient?
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    Baby beardie not eating

    Not sure about one month olds, but atleast make sure basking temperature is correct using either a digital remote probe thermometer or a temperature gun. I had to hand-feed my dragon's salad at first too. Mix dark greens with grated veggies into a fine mash. Add a small amount of...
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    powersun or megaray?

    I have used MegaRay for many years for my tortoises. I do have one Zoo Med Power Sun now. I also own a UVB Solar Meter/radiometer to test all my bulbs. MegaRay is much better and lasts way longer... maybe for years.
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