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    What does it mean when

    My dragon sometimes randomly flexes his unblackened beard now and then. In the morning after he's woken up, he tends to have it flexed for longer periods, which I assume is his morning stretching/beard exercise.
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    What do your beardies do outside the tank?

    My dragon generally skitters about like a maniac and climbs things while he explores my apartment. He'll walk under things like my couch and TV stand, where he generally comes back out from under, but sometimes he just lays down underneath and I have to retrieve him. He also amuses me by...
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    Pooping behaviour?

    My dragon definitely glass dances a lot on days he has to poop, I'm pretty sure that he doesn't like pooping in his enclosure.
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    puffing out & opening mouth?

    They puff up as part of their threat display to make themselves appear larger. They also do this when there's no apparent threat, perhaps as practice or stretching. Mine's been doing it a lot lately as part of his annual spring fever. My dragon doesn't go into a deep brumation like many...
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    Bearded Dragon flattening onto me

    My dragon will also adjust himself and flatten out on soft surfaces like fleece blankets.
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    His beard

    My dragon does the same in the morning. I like to call it his daily beard exercises.
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    We're new here!

    Hello! Nice looking dragon, he looks a bit like my dragon Thor does when he's a bit cool.
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    Kissing , Baby Food & Roaches

    Though an estimated 90% of reptiles carry salmonella, the big surge involved aquatic turtles like red-eared sliders back in the 1970s, which led the US to ban selling pet turtles under 4" of shell length in 1975. The biggest risk is with aquatic reptiles (and amphibians!), which makes sense...
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    Open mouth

    My beardie will be 4 years old this year, and he's never drank any liquid that wasn't forced down his throat (dewormer). He'll scratch at his glass when he either wants to poop (he doesn't like pooping in his tank), or just wants to run around my apartment like a maniac, especially when his...
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    Kissing , Baby Food & Roaches

    I kiss mine on top of his head, right on his fat pads. My girlfriend tells me not to, but he's crawled up and licked her on the lip a couple of times, at which point I say, "Aww, dinosaur kisses!" :lol:
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    Do Beardies bond with people?

    I don't know if any research has been done, but my dragon feels more secure clinging to my girlfriend than he does to me, but that could just be on account of her boobs providing a more secure perch than my flat chest. He does seem to associate both of us with safety. When we've sat outside on...
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    Leatherback or silky

    If you're like me, you identify silkbacks by finding them creepy looking. :lol:
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    Is it just me or do boys have sharper teeth than girls?!

    Dunno, but the one time my male dragon bit me as an adult while I was hand feeding him, it did result an injury more akin to lacerations than punctures. He got a cricket AND my finger, so he kept biting thinking that it was a tough cricket. Oh, there was also a bruise underneath my fingernail...
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    Nictitating Membrane (A.K.A third-eyelid)

    My dragon sometimes has his partially displayed while he sleeps, which kind of creeps me out. :?
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    Binx the special needs dragon PIC HEAVY

    I would also guess MBD, perhaps from other dragons laying on her while she was young, preventing her from getting the necessary UVB for proper development. I wouldn't worry too much about the snout; I've seen plenty of other dragons whose snouts are more blunt and enlarged in the nostril area...
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    Introducing Lily and I

    Welcome! My girlfriend is jealous at the idea of working at a place that breeds bearded dragons.
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    Do you cut your beardie's nails?

    I use regular nail clippers, cut only the black tips, and do so while my dragon is sleepy. If he's alert, he'll move his foot away. I used to have slate tile in the tank, but never noticed any difference in the sharpness of his nails.
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    First bearded dragon and loving it

    Somebody else could better help you with sexing, but he/she sure is a cute little dragon. My dragon was also immediately content to sit on my girlfriend's hand or lay down on her.
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    Hi guys! Trying again. Introducing Ignis!

    Aww, what a handsome little guy.
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    Hi guys! Trying again. Introducing Ignis!

    Sorry to hear about your first dragon. Sometimes animals just don't thrive. :( The viv looks good to me, so long as the dragon doesn't try to hide all day in those logs. Some young dragons may respond to the stress of a new environment by hiding. My dragon had a foam basking rock with a cave...
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