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    what an amazing story, you did a wonderful thing!
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    Temp Problems (newbie)

    no I have not tried that, it's a good 12" away. I will try and come up with a way of doing that tomorrow. Thanks for the idea!
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    Our New Massive Enclosures!

    Sounds like you have it figured out! Just make sure it's sealed up and you don't use anything that will harm the animals.
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    Temp Problems (newbie)

    I used the 150 watt bulb and a 60 watt household bulb and it got up to around 95. It's a standard 40 gal tank, I get the same reading on 3 different thermometers... I don't get why I am having such trouble. I may have to try moving it to another area of the house to see if that makes any difference.
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    Our New Massive Enclosures!

    I wouldn't have any exposed wood it will get wet and rot, also that chip board is awful for slivers. Other that it looks awesome. Very well built its going to last forever
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    Beardie cameo in Capital One Commercial

    Its just cgi
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    Mounting UV light

    They have them at ron a for 12 bucks for an 18 inch. I have a 40gal and wish I had of went 24. I attached it using twist ties and put two small holes in the plastic with a screw. I can take a pic if you would like.
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    Temp Problems (newbie)

    p.s I purchased a new digital thermometer today after reading about how inaccurate the dual analog ones are the starter kits come with.
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    Temp Problems (newbie)

    So I bought a 4 week old bearded dragon a couple of days ago and have been doing a lot of research. I bought a bearded dragon starter kit on the recommendation of the pet store only to find out that so far just about everything has been wrong. I think I have just about everything solved but...
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