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    Breeding Miss Buddy

    Glad you've taken Gail's advice. I'd also recomemd looking for a small breeder rather than petsmart where the quality of what you are buying is likely to be poor and increase the chance of getting into problems.
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    Sarth, Daeds, & Starling **5/28 First Camping Trip Pics!**

    Yes I meant taking food from one lizards dish and feeding to another rather than dish sharing.
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    Adopted a neglected beardie, need help!

    Whilst the signs there do look like MBD it appears as if could be a lot worse. You can do a lot to prevent it getting worse and the bones can strengthen (although the deformity will likely remain). How is her movement in general? I don't think things look too bleak and with the right treatment I...
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    Hello all!!

    Put it back close to where you found it. It will be a lot better in it's natural environment rather than trying to acclimate to clumsy husbandry in captivity. Moving it off the road was rescuing it, keeping it is likely to do the opposite. Depending on your location and the subspecies you may...
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    Great post, Taterbug I agree with a huge amount of what you post and your approach to reptile keeping. I think this is a really interesting area. For instance, (and this isn't a criticism of anyone) many people think they are showing greatest care by taking the time to hand feed, yet the lizard...
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    Possible mouth growth or liver problems

    Where in the UK are you? I would use a uk forum for a few vet recomendations in your area. It's fair for the vet to charge for investigative work but important it is cost effective (swabbing the mouth during a consultation doesn't seem unreasonable. The advice to focus on the least invasive...
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    Adopted a neglected beardie, need help!

    Well done for taking her, ehat is her weight and length? I would focus on hydration and feeding small amounts, too much protein too quickly could cause problems. I'd use some veg baby food see how she responds to the crickets but only try a couple at first once she is hydrated and has the...
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    Dehydrated and starving beardie

    Oh dear he sounds horribly underweight. When did he stop eating? What was his behaviour like during this time? Does he drink in the bath? What is his set up like? I'd try to stress him as little as possible and only interact to feed, did he eat the formula? I would try and get a proper...
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    Baby Beardie Ear Issue?

    Well done getting him in so soon are they experienced with lizards? I hope the news is ok
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    Baby Beardie Ear Issue?

    Sorry I agree with Blankenship. I think you should see a vet as quickly as possible to be safe. Waiting is not a good idea when symptoms like that are presenting.
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    2nd opinions welcomed please!

    Sorry to hear about Ryu not making it. It does sound like he went in his sleep, it sounds like you did what you could for him and now won't have to make a difficult decison about his future.
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    Isn't buddy still young too? Do your know the exact temp on your basking spot?
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    My Baby is Lethargic, Yellow Fungus, Not Eating

    I have to agree with most of what Gail has said especially regarding temperatures and diet (not your fault if the vet advised you to use mealworms) the fact that he sees no urgency in the situation and is willing to leave it two weeks to see an animal under his care just to give a guesswork...
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    Dig box

    That's tough really. Adding more space won't solve the issues of cohabiting a male and female beardie. I know costs can add up and it's hard but you can't make the lizards act unnaturally or to their detriment to suit your wallet. Are you making them from wood? that shouldn't cost a fortune.
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    Nathaniel, Cierra, Castiel, Freya, Grrl; RIP GABRIEL

    Good luck with puff's surgery!
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    Bearded dragons and talking???

    If I'm honest to each there own isn't an adage I apply that widely within bearded dragon keeping, however you will have to do as you think best. (I know that sounds a little arrogant, I don't base it on my own expertise but rather general best practice) Personally I think an accurately...
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    Can they over eat?

    That sounds good, feel free to put up a photo, but I would carry on feeding her as many gutloaded crickets as she will eat.
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    3 Year Old Male - Dying or Brumation? - Vet vs. Owners

    Hey So sorry he is this sick, whilst I'm a little surprised the vet didn't do a fecal, it doesn't sound like a oarasite issue (basee on mh limited knowledge). I hate to say this, but if he is convulsing a lot, it might be worth talking with the vet about humane options.
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    Sarth, Daeds, & Starling **5/28 First Camping Trip Pics!**

    Sorry, I'm not a thread regular, I did want to add that its not really ideal to cross contaminate feeders between species. (Truthfully I wouldn't do it between Dragons knowing one is A+ but that is based on precaution over fact)
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    Bath time.......... yep you know!

    Really there is no need to bath her unless she gets covered in faeces. you are applying human logic to a lizard, you are still a large being putting her in a situation she might be finding stressful. Is it jsut bathing when she appears stressed?
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