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    Beardie dreams!

    Tonight I noticed after I turned off my lady's day time lamps and on her nighttime black bulb, she was still up basking (about 20-30 minutes later). So I decided to have her sit with me while I watched Turbo. I laid down and she crawled up on my chest. About 10 minutes in I noticed her body...
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    Bearded Dragon Pellets?

    Note that HE DID feed his beardie bugs in his first few years. A bearded dragon 3+ years is something you need to be searching for.
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    Bearded Dragon Pellets?

    Like another user mentioned, just because an animal can survive doesn't mean they'll thrive. We aren't saying a dragon can't survive on pellets. But we want you to be prepared if your dragon refuses them. Usually if someone uses pellets they have another type of food for back up given their...
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    Bearded Dragon Pellets?

    Here's the ingredient list from the Exo terra juvenile pellet: Ingredients: Dehydrated Alfalfa Meal, Fish Meal, Wheat Flour, Wheat Gluten Meal, Rice Hulls, Dried Earthworm, Fish Oil, Textured Soy Protein Product, Rice Bran, Dried Lima Bean, Calcium Carbonate, Dicalcium Phosphate, Salt...
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    Bearded Dragon Pellets?

    Okay one day a week away from your dragon will be fine, make sure to set his lights up on timers. Thanks for the clarification. You still have to understand though most dragons don't take immediately to pellets. Id recommend getting an older adult dragon that's already switched to pellets and...
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    Bearded Dragon Pellets?

    Both of the previous points are good things to consider. I've seen a lot of beardies that will not take to pellets & even some that have taken to them don't take to them in a fashion that they can be a main staple. Babies especially! Besides that time is also a factor. One day a week is by far...
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    My beardie wants to sleep with the fishes!

    Today marks the 4th day my bearded lady has been home. I awoke to her peacefully sleeping in her water dish. Her dish is extremely shallow, maybe 1/2 inch high. But I moved her onto her towel because I didn't want her to get too cold. 10 minutes later I look again, she's back in the flipping...
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    Just got a Bearded Dragon

    Relocation stress could be a reason as to why he stopped eating. Definitely double check all your husbandry. Give him a few days to settle in before handling him. Try different feeders and veggies. I'm not sure but maybe someone else can cross reference the feeding chart if grapes are okay to...
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    Deluxe DIY Desert Terarium (500L / 132Gal)

    Wow that is a beautiful set up :)! Can I ask what plants it is you're using? I've been thinking of doing live desert plants when I build my custom viv this summer! She's quite gorgeous too!! What are you measuring your temps with? Her hotspot should be between 95-105 depending on her preference...
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    Buying A New Friend!

    Are you referring to the elongated, brown, bugs with lots of long little legs? Those are not parasites. Those are bugs that are put in with the cricket shipment purposely. They help to eat the poop/ dead cricket remains and such. (: If his digestive track was clogged (I assume Impaction)...
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    Tired of current substrate. Help!

    Slate tile! I got my 12x12 tiles of raw slate tile for about $1.30 each tile. Easy to clean/ remove. Love the natural look. Retains heat well. Love it (: Just a tip: both lowes & Home Depot will cut the tile for free. Measure the INSIDE of your viv to have it fit properly. Though my 20L is...
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    Another tile question

    Same here! I bought the 12x12 tiles & a 12x6 only to get home and realize my 20long was NOT 12x30. I don't know where you are located, but both lowes and Home Depot in my area cut tile for free if purchased from their store. I was told to bring back my slate and they'd cut it for me. I believe...
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    Beginner help?

    I believe in Brandon's post he also covered the housing for the t8 / t5 bulbs. Either the reptisun or Arcadia bulbs. I don't know where you're located, but I went to my local lowes and picked up an under the cabinet light fixture for about $11. All you do is remove the plastic cover & it's...
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    Long time no see! Got a question?

    I stated why I believed it. That's that. I may not be a "Beardie Sicko", but like I said I've seen it successfully done. I stated my opinion, in the same way you stated yours. Differences exist & whether you like them or not they work for some people. And like others I'm leaving this forum...
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    Long time no see! Got a question?

    Very controversial topic & the longer I'm on this site... The more I see that it's very "one minded" & group thought driven. While I agree the risk of Impaction wouldn't be something id risk with my 8 month old dragon and don't use loose substrate myself. I believe that if necessary precautions...
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    Puff is still actin a fool!

    Is she gravid?
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    Advice required

    I'm with SkeptiBee. Make all of the changes first, then allow him to settle. No point in stressing him out twice. Also, he may not look as large as you'd expect due to the poor care he received. He could be stunted.
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    Our local Reptile store....can't take care of beardies...

    Educate them. That's the only way. If you come off too harsh, it'll do more harm than good. Chances are they don't even understand how to properly care for Beardies. Unfortunately that's all you can do.
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    Big Beardie

    Well since we're taking about big beardies... Check out the belly on this girl :lol: She's been at my job (PetSmart) for about 4-5 months because she was returned for being mean (with a heavy infestation of parasites from her home) Today is her last vet appointment & if she's still clear she...
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    two babies :)

    Yeah. Bearded dragons are typically solitary animals. & you said your viv was 18 inches by 3 feet? Maybe someone else can chime in, but I don't think that's large enough to house two dragons. The ideal size for one dragon is 4x2x2 (48inchesx24inchesx24inches) with a 40 gal breeder being the...
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